Create Conference App Ads That (Really) Work!

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Most event app sponsors need their ads to drive action, whether it’s a click to find out more or to visit their stand. Given the opportunities digital advertising present, conference and event sponsors are rarely looking for their banner to increase brand awareness alone. So what strategies will deliver winning conference app ads?

Using Pop-Ups  

Most sponsor ads within conference apps appear as buttons or banners. Space is limited on a banner or a button ad. A simple ‘click through’ can take the viewer to more information in a larger format via on a pop-up ad. Don’t confuse this with unsolicited pop-up ads you experience on many websites. In the event app the pop-up ad will only appear when the viewer clicks to view it.

Maximising the 3-5 Seconds You’ve Got

Event app users tend to spend just 3 to 5 seconds per page before they decide where to go next. With such limited time the ad needs to grab attention and allow the viewer absorb the message super fast. Ads with minimal copy that spark attendees’ curiosity work best. Also, with such limited time spent on each page it’s no surprise that ads at the top of the page perform better than those the user needs to scroll to

Linking To Educational Content

Effective sponsor event app ads also often offer educational material, such as white papers or ebooks. The material can easily be stored within the event app so there’s no need to print unless the sponsor wants to give them a reason to visit their stand.

Unusual or Unexpected Calls To Action

If attracting attendees to the stand is the sponsor’s main goal encourage them to think creatively. ‘Visit us on stand 101’ is unlikely to cause a stampede! The beauty of the event app is that you can swap out the sponsor ads. Make the most of that opportunity and add sponsor banners or send out sponsored push notifications with time specific messages. ‘Come by stand 101 for a Berocca’ the morning after a heavy night at the conference dinner might generate a better response or at least it cause your attendees to crack a smile.

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