How Do I Use Audience Polling At My Event?

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If you’re looking for a polling and Q&A system but don’t require an event app then it’s worth checking out a standalone product.

Many of CrowdComms’ senior people have a long history in providing polling keypads at conferences. This is actually where I cut my teeth in the events industry a few (or maybe more!) years ago.

My first job was installing hardwired polling keypads on conference seats. It was backbreaking work and involved many metres of gaffer tape, 1000’s of cable ties and lots of climbing around under tables. Not very glamorous.

After many years and heaps of polling keypad jobs, we have a pretty good understanding of what events need when it comes to polling and Q&A.

We designed our mobile version (PollEvent) two years ago. It’s a self-serve product and very economical. Here are some of the key features:


Your audience can vote, send questions to the speaker and ‘group chat’ using their own phones or tablets in a controlled environment. It’s really simple to set-up and presenters love the interaction.

Questions are pushed in real time to your audience’s mobile devices, so voting is a simple one-click process. Results are automatically organised into a bar chart that can easily be projected on a large screen via a laptop. Voters can be anonymous or you can link usernames to votes, you decide.


Group chat or ‘meeting blog’ for audiences. Audiences view and add to a stream of comments related to the event. Contributors can comment anonymously or with their user name. Moderation also gives the administrator complete control over the comments displayed and the ‘liking’ feature pushes the most popular posts to the top of the list.

Ask a Question

Using PollEvent, your audience can discreetly submit questions or comments as they spring to mind during presentations. The moderation feature gives the presenter control over the questions that are projected on the large screen and displayed on audience’s devices.

The rating feature also allows the audience to ‘like’ questions and comments, pushing questions the audience like higher up the list to be answered first by the presenter.

For a full list of all the cool things PollEvent can do, jump in here:

Pete Hair – CrowdComms, Co-Founder

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