simplySUMMIT: The Flagship Internal Communications Event Tackling the Biggest Issues in IC Right Now

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“We were entirely plastic and paper-free in terms of badging. We are a BIG fan of the CrowdComms scanner badge functionality!”

About simplycommunicate

simplycommunicate are experts in internal communications and the new digital world of work. Through their communications, community and consulting subsidiaries, they not only provide up-to-date news and how-to guides, facilitate training and networking but also, with the help of their world-class internal comms consultants, they assist companies in delivering digital communication strategies.

When simplycommunicate wanted to deliver their simplySUMMIT 2-day event focusing on the pertinent points in society, including improving diversity and inclusion, discussing social mobility and the areas around Environmental, Social and Governance as well as a deep dive into the digital workplace experience, they required a flexible platform that provided a range of accessibility and inclusivity components.

In addition to this, simplycommunicate made good use of CrowdComms’ on-site app support service to ensure that their event ran smoothly and seamlessly and delivered the important content and messages to their attendees.

The Event

The simplySUMMIT event has been running for over 15-years; highlighting the importance of internal communications as the cornerstone of every successful company. During the 2021 event, which included keynote speaker Matthew Syed, the discussions centred around building trust within organisations and how internal comms feeds into this. The theme of hybrid working was a continual thread throughout the first day with case studies being utilised to inform the outlook for the future.

The second day focused on the technology behind the strategies and how this will support the employee experience. Many discussions took place around marketing grade automation for internal comms, which when implemented, will ensure that the right information is delivered at the right time to the right people.

With an agenda so focused on digital trends, delivering this event via an innovative CrowdComms’ hybrid platform was the perfect tie-up.

The Importance of Communication

Being a business centred around internal comms, the ability to encourage dialogue between the attendees was a must. Not only did the CrowdComms’ scanner badge functionality deliver from an environmental perspective and allow for a completely plastic and paper-free registration and badging process, but it also facilitated easy and judgement-free conversations between delegates from different corporate backgrounds and career stages. We’ve all experienced being side-stepped due to the type of badge that we’re wearing at an event; by removing this element, attendees were free to discover more about each other without these labels.

One of simplycommunicate’s main objectives for their event was to engage speakers and attendees in conversation and encourage debate. Through the chat, live polling and Q&A features, CrowdComms was able to provide the functionality to support this, allowing simplycommunicate’s event community to establish itself even if there were members not present in person.

“Engagement built easily – everyone was able to participate on a level playing field.”

The Key to Accessibility

The level of accessibility and inclusivity of the content delivery platform was high on the agenda for simplycommunicate. Despite carefully planned in-person safety procedures, we are experiencing a time when people are making careful choices about attending physical events. The intuitive and accessible CrowdComms’ event software enabled remote attendees to access the content and participate fully, and as many of simplycommunicate’s members are based in the US and dotted around the world, this inclusive solution allowed everyone to engage without the hassle of long-distance travel.

The CrowdComms’ Difference

During feedback discussions, it was heart-warming to hear how much the comprehensive support provided by the CrowdComms team was valued. From the planning stages, to the back-end and on-site support during the event, simplycommunicate felt that we were there for them.

“Cool heads” “Reassuring” “Bang on”

…were just some of the phrases used to describe CrowdComms.

Very much embedded in who we are as a company, we are continually reviewing, updating and developing the event technology as a result of client feedback. A quality that has not gone unnoticed.

Speaking of our tech, the intuitive design of our platform and the ability to brand it specifically for the event you are running give two very good reasons, amongst many, why CrowdComms is the top choice when selecting your next event technology provider.

A huge thank you to simplycommunicate for providing us with their feedback for this case study. To find out more about them and their solutions for internal communications, you can check out their website, here.

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