Why It’s Not Too Late to Book Your Q1 2023 Event Tech

When it comes to organisation and forward-planning, event planners are world champions! But what if a last-minute event opportunity pops up unexpectedly? Is it too late to book your event tech? Not at all, and here's why.

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When it comes to organisation, event planners are first-class!

It’s why many of our awesome clients locked in their 2023 events (complete with venue, catering, and event tech all booked and scheduled) before they eased off for the festive season.

But what if a great last minute event opportunity pops up for February 2023? Is it too late to get organised and book your event tech?

It’s Never Too Late

When it comes to event tech, the CrowdComms team is experienced in creating comprehensive solutions in time critical situations.

Not every event can be scheduled with a long lead time. Events may need to be organised within tight timeframes.

Some of the events CrowdComms has helped create include:

  • An unexpected company re-organisation that required a last-minute town hall meeting.
  • A surprise product announcement that needed to be streamed to multiple offices around the globe.
  • A rescheduled event that could be accommodated at a specific venue within a few weeks of the new date.

CrowdComms’ planning schedule is designed to support whatever timeframe is available to you.  Even if that timeframe is very short indeed!

The Planning Process

Having a documented and well-practiced planning process means we can quickly collate the information needed. 

The initial project discussion will cover your event needs and how CrowdComms can meet them.  We’ll look for the most efficient solutions to ensure plans don’t get bogged down.

Let’s say you need to live-stream your in-person event keynote speaker session. We can help build an integrated solution, so your video is streamed within the event platform. No need to organise, manage or pay for separate streaming platforms.

The key outcome from the initial process is a project plan that details each deliverable against a timeline, and the CrowdComms’ team member responsible for making it all happen.

How We Do It

CrowdComms stream technician delivering a hybrid event

It’s all very well saying we can help you deliver a last-minute event, but you might be wondering how we do it. It’s a fair point. Here’s how:

Local Teams –

100% of our service, support, sales, development, and leadership teams are locally based.

This means we always have someone available who can help! Whether you need us online, onsite or on the phone – a CrowdComms’ team member will be ready to respond – even at short notice.

Hardware Stocks  –

CrowdComms recently boosted its fleet of registration kiosks to ensure supply always meets demand.

We reviewed past event activity, projected forthcoming event demand, and built-in a little extra, just in case, to establish a self-printing badge kiosk fleet that could be booked and deployed…fast!

We are also investing in branded transport to make sure kiosks can be delivered wherever they’re needed around the country.

What Next?

If you have a Q1 2023 event and need help creating an urgent event tech solution that delivers a quality experience for you and your attendees, simply get in touch.

Our friendly teams are always available to respond quickly to any enquires.

And of course, we’re always happy to chat to you about your event plans and needs for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

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