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The success of your event depends on how you promote it, the same goes for your event app- in order to get the most out of your app be sure to promote it effectively. Here at CrowdComms we’ve seen event apps become total hits or total flops based on marketing strategy, after all the success of an event app is largely based on adoption rates.

Here are a few tips from past events using our platform to help you promote your event app and make it a roaring success:

“We opened the event app one week before the event and gave people the opportunity to get familiar with it and view the event information. Every leader I met was encouraged to download the app and adoption levels were up to 81% .”

Rosie Valentine, Head of Internal Communications- Paddy Power

“Before I even sent details about the event app we sent teasers to promote it. Because you’re teasing it in, people are like ‘I really, really want to see this app now!’”

“And once you send it out you see this huge spike of everyone logging on and playing around with the event app.”

“After that you see a dip because people have seen it and forgotten about it. That’s when you need to kick in with another communication. Drip feeding new information and functionality each week is a great way to promote and ensure constant employee engagement with your event app.”

Rebecca Stoner, Trading and Events Executive- Virgin Holidays

“Instant updates were a popular feature and allowed delegates to get to know about their colleagues ahead of the event itself. The event app made it really easy for attendees to connect with each other 
and message via the one-to-one chat platform.”

Michelle Neale, Digital Communications and Engagement- BGL

“We made sure that at the launch, or at the announcement of the app, we had someone there who could support attendees in terms of downloading the app or providing advice on how to use it. This made sure that we got the buy-in.”

“We use the event app pre-event so we’ve got a really great communication line, including from us to our delegates in terms of important information (like how much luggage allowance you have on the event so people don’t over pack!).”

Chris Lind, Managing Director- Shore Events

“Some key things we’ve learnt is to get people really engaged and promote the event app before an event. Because when you actually see it working people are always brought into it. Initially you may have lots of different people in the business that are a bit more afraid to use technology than others.”

“To really get people engaged with it beforehand, make sure they have all the app details and that they’re comfortable with using it.”

Gillian Anderson, Employee Experience Specialist- Konica Minolta

“We used our event app as a tool to promote the event itself! And onsite we made sure that the back cover of the printed program had a full-page advert about the app saying it was the best place to get the most up to date information. We also had a flyer in the delegate bags as well – saying this is how you find and download the app.”

Alice Higgins, Head of Events at Executive Business Support- UK kidney week

Hopefully you can gain some knowledge from others successes. Remember that great adoption rates depend on the communication plan around the event app. Great communication makes sure the work you put into building the event app is rewarded.

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