Case Study: Integrating Event Registration

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Welcome to the third extract from our interview with Shore Events. So far Managing Director, Chris Lind, has given us a really good detailed account of what it’s like to work with an event app at an actual event. Here, we talk to Chris about the registration aspect of the event app. Registration is worth thinking about when putting together a seamless event. An integrated system may not suit every occasion, but when you want to take attendees from event open to event close with a minimal amount of fuss, combining an event app and registration is a great option.

CC: Hello again Chris, I wanted to talk about whether you use the registration system within your event app?

Initially (when we were looking at the app) we were looking at people to supply the registration system and different people to provide the event app

Then CrowdComms said, look we’ve also got the event registration element of it.

Although it has been a journey improving that side of it [registration], I think CrowdComms have understood the importance of getting it right.

For example, this year’s events compared to last year’s events is much better in terms of what the registration element can offer. It follows all of the brand guidelines of the event app and it looks the same as when attendees get to the app.

But also there is the option where we’ve got clients who run their event registration internally. We’re able to pull that information and drop it into the event app – so there is still a seamless connection between the two elements.

So that’s we why decided to go with the event registration element It’s much easier to do everything in one go. And it’s run really, really well and it is getting better with time. I think CrowdComms have done really well with listening to us saying, “this worked, this didn’t and can we have that bit and quite quickly!” Responding to that and adding bits that we feel are important.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Consider including registration within the event app for seamless event processing.

  1. Make sure your mobile event app provider understands your needs and can accommodate specific requests for custom features.

  1. Check that your event app provider can integrate data provided by an external registration system.

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