5 Tips for Event Badging in 2019

Event badges are an essential part of the attendee experience. With the new year comes new ways of utilising your event badge to improve your attendees' experience.

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Event badges are an essential part of the attendee experience. With the new year comes new ways of utilising your event badge to improve your attendees’ experience. If done correctly, your event badge is a powerful tool that can go a long way for any event.

1. Design

A unique looking event badge is more likely to grab attention. Create a design that makes an impact on the attendee experience. Stepping up your event badge game can completely transform your badge.

However, don’t mistake a clever design for a complicated one. Remember that an event badge has limited space. Your design should be attractive, but most importantly should highlight the essential information in an easy-to-follow format. Avoid too many colours, pictures and words when designing your event badge. Less is more.


Top Tip:

“Ensure that your design uses a primarily white background. Coloured backgrounds can mean that print speed and quality suffer!”

— David Louch, App Support Specialist, CrowdComms UK

2. Sponsors

Careful consideration of the design elements can take your event badge to the next level, particularly for your sponsors. Your badge will be seen multiple times, making it a brilliant opportunity to showcase the company or event brand. Sponsors are especially keen to be seen on an event badge as their logo is guaranteed to be seen by every attendee.

3. Event Badge Kiosks

Since launching our Pronto! event self-printing badge kiosks we’ve been overwhelmed by the demand from event organisers who are passionate about giving their event a great start.

Pronto! kiosks are easy to use and fast to process, they are guaranteed to reduce queues and delight attendees at any event.

Printing the event badges for hundreds of attendees at your event, Pronto! kiosks ensure that attendees are badged in moments. Meaning guests spent less time queuing and more time engaging with your event’s incredible content.

4. QR Codes

QR codes are used to translate event information into links which take the user to a specific web location. QR codes are often incorporated into event badges for event marketing, providing attendees with event information, sharing contact information, or for event gamification fun.

5. Lead Capture

Event badge lead capture app sits neatly on exhibitors’ mobile device, which means no additional hardware. As attendees visit stands and booths a quick scan of their badge (from any smart device) is all that’s required to gather data.

Once collated, information is immediately available to view, manage and export by any member of the exhibitor team. And if the Wi-Fi drops out, there’s no panic; the system functions without a connection and will sync when Wi-Fi is available again.

While general attendee traffic will deliver a percentage of leads, incentives, gamification and achievements will really get the lead capture humming.

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