How to Promote Sponsors With Event Apps

Find out the best ways to utilise your event app to achieve maximum ROI for your sponsors!

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We are all well aware that sponsors are an imperative cog in the machine of any corporate event or trade show. Without them, you may lose out on the funding you need for the extra details that will give your event that edge. This means that you want to give back to your sponsors in every way you can, so why not utilise your event app? There are many opportunities to give more exposure to your sponsors with event apps, and measure the excellent analytics to ensure they come back to you year after year! Use the tips below as inspiration for ways you can use your event app to help your sponsors get the most out of your event.

Banner Ads and Exclusive Sponsorship

Give a select few of your sponsors an exclusive opportunity by using their logo throughout your event app. Banner ads appear throughout the app on pages such as the agenda and the speakers list, pages that are guaranteed to get a lot of traffic, as well as the main menu of the app. You could even take this a step further and feature their logo on the home screen, perhaps with a link to their website or in-app profile. The large scope of exposure means that you can charge sponsors a little more for this opportunity, you could even have an event app sponsor!

Push Notifications and Alerts

In-app notifications and alerts are another brilliant way of promoting your sponsors to your attendees via the event app. Send a push notification to remind your attendees to visit a certain sponsor’s stand, or even to simply thank them for their support and guide attendees to their website. Alerts and notifications can be pre-scheduled so you can timetable your sponsored alerts to ensure that attendees’ phones are not bombarded with sponsored content.

Detailed Sponsor Profiles

In-app profiles are an obvious way to promote sponsors using your event app. You can showcase logos, websites, social media, company representatives and descriptions as part of sponsors’ profiles by using an event app. You could also branch out and ask your sponsors to provide documents and videos to display on the event app. A well filled out profile is brilliant because it allows attendees to get the full impression of a sponsor and allows for quick and effective exposure.

App Gaming and Quiz Questions

Using a game as a part of your event app is not only a fun and effective way to engage attendees with your event, it’s also a brilliant way to boost exposure for your sponsors. You can create individual challenges or quiz questions for your sponsors, or get them involved y asking them to provide prizes for the top scorers. You could also use an event app game at your trade show to boost attendees’ movements around the venue with scavenger hunt-style questions to get attendees to a sponsor’s stand.

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