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NEWS: CrowdComms/GalaBid Open Hong Kong Office

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new venture. CrowdComms and sister organisation, GalaBid, have opened a new office in Hong Kong to service the burgeoning events and fundraising market in Asia.

The move sees our two brands strengthen their position in the Asia Pacific region and reinforce a successful period, which has seen the combined operation triple its workforce.  The move extends our global presence, which includes operations in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and the US.

Peter Hair, CrowdComms/GalaBid Co-Founder and Managing Director, said, “The increasing demand and sheer scale of the opportunity in the Asian market, specifically Singapore, Hong Kong and China, fuels our decision to open our fourth CrowdComms/GalaBid office in the region. The team have been working incredibly hard and are thrilled with this exciting new step.”

Both CrowdComms and GalaBid will roll out their full range of services to the Hong Kong (and regional) events market. In conjunction with development partner, Entegy, CrowdComms will provide event apps; registration kiosks, polling and lead capture platforms.

The CrowdComms and Entegy partnership has been integral to our ability to enter the Hong Kong market. The Entegy Suite provides event organisers with forward thinking solutions for engaging and immersive events. We’re proud to deliver those services under the CrowdComms brand.

GalaBid will service the Hong Kong non-profit industry with its digital fundraising solutions developed in-house.


Event and fundraising professionals in Hong Kong looking for seamless end-to-end technology solutions that take you from pre-event marketing to post-event analysis can contact Molly Tsang at the CrowdComms/GalaBid Hong Kong office for a personalised demo.

Hong Kong contact, Molly Tsang

t: +852 93880509





Why Registration Kiosks Will Transform Your Event

What does a traditional event start look like?  Attendees standing in long lines? Time consuming manual registration processed by lots of event staff? Trestle tables lined with badges and lanyards? Paper! Heaps of paper?

Till now, the start of most events has been a process; get people through the door and into the event without incurring (too much) time and frustration for organisers and attendees alike.

We believe first impressions count. It’s why CrowdComms Australia is thrilled to announce the arrival of its self-printing registration kiosks.

Now the start of your event can be an experience rather than a process!

Let’s Take a Look

CrowdComms registration kiosks are fully customisable and beautifully designed.  Whether you’re running a small networking function, an international conference or exhibition, our self-printing registration kiosks will deliver an engaging and efficient experience to your attendees. Plus you’ll get that all important ‘wow factor’ that will set your event apart.

Digitally enabled, our kiosks allow your guests to check-in and self-print their event badges in moments. You can manage pre-event and onsite registrations.  Attendees who turn up on the day can register for the event and print their badge via the kiosk.

A fast check-in means less time spent waiting in lines. Plus, you can have as many or as few kiosks as you need (our experienced team can help you work out exactly how many kiosks will be right for your event). No more over-stretched registration staff trying to service eager attendees who are keen to get started.

How Do They Work?

Ready and waiting from the moment your guests arrive, CrowdComms registration kiosks are configured via a single digital platform.

Spot a typo? Need to change an item detail? No problem. Updates can be made in real-time via the digital platform.  Plus, if attendees lose their badge during the event they can return to the kiosk where our team will help them re-print their badge in seconds.

In addition to the intuitive administration, the kiosks allow you to monitor foot traffic and attendee flow as it happens.

Valuable Returns

A clever and engaging start to your event is sure to boost positive word-of-mouth and generate some serious feel-goods in your attendees.

The kiosk’s customisable design also gives sponsors a new and prominent space to showcase their brand. With plenty of branding options available, sponsors will be delighted by the opportunity to connect with each and every attendee right from the very start of the event.

Wait…there’s more!

While the kiosks deliver a whopping ‘wow factor’ as a standalone feature, they are even more powerful when used in conjunction with our event app.    The data collected by the app is seamlessly transferred to the event app which means sponsors can scan badges for lead capture.

Attendees can also scan their badges as they enter event sessions, which allows for comprehensive attendee tracking.

Want to get your next event off to an amazing start? Contact us NOW!


5 Tips To Get 100% Event App Download

It’s hard to imagine an event without an event app. They’re the smart, efficient and cost effective solution to information management and attendee engagement.

But just because event apps are a ubiquitous event feature doesn’t guarantee 100% event app download. Event organisers still need to utilise strategies to ensure attendees access and get the most from their event app.

We’re constantly analysing our high event app adoption events to identify the success elements. Here are some quick and easy tips for getting your attendees excited about your event app:

1.Registration PLUS Event App

The moment attendees register for your event is the perfect time to introduce your event app.

Congratulate your attendee on a successful registration. Tell them the next step is to download the event app. Position the app as a must-have feature using compelling (but short) copy.

Example: Download the XYZ event app NOW! Don’t miss out on important event information. Get all the detail you need delivered straight to your mobile device

Even if your event app content isn’t quite complete show the current viewable content and let them know that more information is on its way. You can alert them to new material via push-notifications, which is a great way to get them using the app.

2.Email Alert

Reach attendees via email to let them know they have a viewable profile in the event app. Who isn’t keen to make sure the very best version of themselves is out there for all to see?

Let attendees know they can access the app to edit their profile.

Promote the benefits of having a great in-app profile. Meaningful networking and enhanced personal brand are compelling reasons for attendees to get busy with the event app.

3.Make a Movie

Want to give your attendees a fast and effective introduction to the event app? Make a movie. Video is proven to boost email opening rates and improve target engagement.

Create a short 30-second video showcasing one or two marquee features of your app plus instructions on how they get the app on their device.

No need to show every single feature, attendees will discover these once they start using the app!

4.Utilise Registration/Check-In

Make event app download part of the registration and check-in process.

As people check-in, ask each attendee:

“Have you downloaded the mobile app?”

If they have, they are all set to go. If not, point to a simple instruction to do so e.g. printed on the back of their name badge or signage at the registration desk.

If attendees ask for specific help to download the app, an app help-desk next to the registration point is the perfect place to send them. Channeling attendees to an app help-desk avoids bottlenecks at the registration desk and ensures people get expert help when they need it.

5.Welcome Note

An opening or welcome session is the perfect opportunity to get those last remaining people to download the app before the event kicks off.

Ask your session speaker to mention the app and include a slide that details download instructions.
 You can take this a step further by asking the audience to put their hands up (or the lights on their phones) if they’ve already downloaded the app.

Then ask your speaker to say:

“Hold them there. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, it is going to be an important part of the event. See all the people nearby you who can help show you how to get it! We’ll give you a minute.”

This is a great way to make sure that final segment of attendees to download the app. Keep it light-hearted and maybe ask for another show of hand or phones once the minute is up!



Do You know Your Ideal Event Tech Solution?

Running an event and unclear what event tech solution will work best?

Whether it’s a long standing event or a new addition to the event circuit, it’s always a good idea to re-visit your event tech solutions.

Not only will your needs vary from event to event, but technology is always evolving. Your tried and trusted event app may have been superseded by a more efficient, tailored and cost effective solution.

Here are some scenarios that look at different needs and solutions:

1.Scenario: Public forum for infrastructure change

A government agency is holding a series of public forums to gauge opinion on a proposed light railway line. The agency needs a polling solution that will offer voters a comprehensive selection of questions. The technology must support open and closed questions. Given the broad cross-section of potential voters, the platform must be easy to use. As a government entity cost is a significant factor.

Solution: A stand-alone polling platform with data analysis.

The agency has a specific and clear need. While the event could be supported by an event app, a dedicated polling platform will deliver a more relevant solution. It is also cost-effective as the agency will only have to pay for the solution it needs.

A mobile enabled polling platform will allow attendees to vote via their personal device. It is important comprehensive data analysis is available to enable the agency to review and interpret responses.

2.Scenario: Annual industry conference with multiple speaker sessions and large numbers of attendees

The event organisers of this conference need an event tech solution that will help them manage multiple elements. They have a large number of attendees, some travelling from overseas. The conference is only running for two days. It’s critical that attendees can gain access to the event quickly and efficiently.

There are over a hundred speaking sessions running over the two days. Giving attendees as much information as possible in advance of the event will help them decide where and when to spend their time.

Solution: End-to-end event tech solution, including event app

For large and complex events, a streamlined end-to-end event tech solution will provide optimum results.   With so many different features to manage, it’s important the disparate elements can connect and transfer data seamlessly.

To get attendees into the event fast, organisers will need a registration system that can process check-in quickly. Profiles that can be completed pre-event will save time at the check-in desk.

Registration details should flow straight to the event app, which means no need for duplicate data entry. Whether attendees are participating in Q&A sessions or networking activities, their event app will have their details ready to go.

Once the event wraps, the end-to-end solution must deliver sophisticated analysis of conference features, from event start to event close.

3.Scenario: New trade show requiring strong marketing push and the means to attract sponsors

The organisers of this brand-new trade show need a strong marketing campaign to create awareness and drive ticket sales and registration. They also need to create sponsorship options that will offer genuine ROI.

Solution: Marketing platform that supports email, SMS and social media campaigns plus additional support for lead capture and gamification.

An automated marketing platform will allow the organisers to schedule communication across multiple channels, including social media. The platform should deliver alerts and updates in real time direct to audience mobile devices.

A lead capture platform couple with gamification will offer potential new sponsors an opportunity for qualified leads. Gamification will drive attendees to sponsors’ stands and web pages to ensure high traffic and engagement.

4.Scenario: An established medical conference wants to trial digital abstract management.

The conference organisers are transitioning from paper based abstracts to digital. To make the change smooth and successful they need a platform that is easy to use and can store over a thousand abstracts. They also need the means to assess how the success (or otherwise) of the digital trial

Solution: Event app with abstract management capability plus data analysis.

New features need to be assessed for engagement and user experience. An event app with the capability to store large number of abstracts is the starting point. Not only should the event app have sufficient storage, its search and retrieval functions must be easy and quick.

The data analysis will help conference organisers establish success points. How often was the material accessed, in what numbers and how long did attendees spend reading. It’s an important way to assess how well the new feature worked and where improvements (if any) can be made.

What Does A Great Event Registration System Look Like?

First impressions count. When attendees arrive at your event, the first interaction they will have is at the registration point.

The registration process will set expectations for the event itself. It needs to process attendees’ sign-in quickly, efficiently but with flair and an alignment to the event brand.

So what should you look for in a registration system:

Early Sign-In

Reduce attendee queuing time by providing online sign-up and payment ahead of the event. Online integrated ticketing and registration means guests can create their event profile and buy their ticket at their convenience.

It also allows attendees to start receiving key event information before doors open.

Pro Tip: Offer special promos codes and discounts to encourage early registration.


Your event should have recognisable and consistent branding at every attendee interaction point. Your registration system should therefore be customisable and flexible.

In addition to registration site branding it’s important that communications also mirror the event branding. If your registration site will send email or SMS confirmations make sure these can also be customised.

On-Site Check-In

Although pre-event registration can alleviate some of the processing time at the start of your event, attendees will still need to check-in when they arrive.

Integration between your registration system and additional check-in systems will get people into your event faster. Printing badges or lanyards? Look for a registration system that links to an on-site printing kiosk. Even better if the attendee can check-in and print all from the same web-site or app.

Digitally enabled registration lists means your staff can easily process pre-paid/registered arrivals.

Seamless Integration

The optimal registration system is one that not only integrates at check-in time, but across the event’s lifecycle.

Seamless integration with your event app allows attendees to access and update their profiles at any time. They can start networking and personalising their agenda immediately.

A seamless flow of information means no more laborious transfer of data from registration spreadsheets to the event app.   Plus, the single data source allows a more accurate and reliable analysis of attendee interactions and engagement.


An event registration platform needs to be so much more than a sign-in system. Although your registration needs will vary depending on complexity and size of event, your registration system should still deliver a professional and efficient experience for your attendees.

How Effective Is Your Pre-Event Marketing?

What are you doing right now to build anticipation and drive tickets sales before your event starts? With so much time and energy devoted to creating the event itself, pre-event promotion can fall by the wayside.

Event tech is critical to maximise attendees’ on-site experience, but it can also help to achieve the goals you set before the event starts.

Pre-Event Goals

The following pre-event goals are likely to be your priorities:

*Increase event registrations & boost ticket sales

*Generate excitement

*Right Information, Right Time

*Give sponsors a greater reach

*Spark active networking

Increase Event Registrations & Boost Ticket Sales

Registration rates and/or ticket sales can receive a significant boost with the right event tech. Choose a platform that integrates registration with the event app to keep processes streamlined and efficient.

By managing your own event app and digital signage through a content management system you can make changes (in real-time) when you need to. The right platform will also allow you to customise your registration site. Whether you need to connect to a badge-printing kiosk or include event specific branding, flexibility and control is key.

You can also launch your registration site when it suits you. An early launch could mean a good percentage of attendees are registered before event doors open – which gets people into your event faster.

Pro Tip: drive traffic to your registration page through:

*Early bird promo codes

*Tiered registration release dates targeting specific attendee groups

*Email analytics. Data will tell you when your audience is most likely to open your emails – make sure you send invites on the optimum day at   the right time.

Generate Excitement

Marquee or celebrity keynote speakers can be the difference between a well-attended or poorly supported event. If you’ve secured a high profile keynote make the most of their reputation to generate excitement in your event.

Promote your keynote on your event app’s main page and put their bio at the top of your speaker list. Use your app’s alert feature to send out teaser content ahead of the presentation.

A private chat platform, such as Group Discussion, can be used as a pre-event Q&A channel. Use the interaction with attendees to garner the hot topics people would like to see covered in the keynote addess.

Pro tip: don’t be afraid to ramp up the FOMO (fear-of-missing-out). Share and like social media shout-outs from attendees who are super excited to be seeing your event’s keynote speaker.

Right Information, Right Time

Your event app is the perfect one-stop source for all event related information.

An in-app info point will centralise all the key details attendees need, such as travel, local attractions, weather updates and contact details.

The event app’s real-time alerts will help focus attendees’ attention where it’s needed. Event doors about to open? Send an alert linking to registration point and sign-in details.

Give Sponsors a Greater Reach

You’ll want to help sponsors reach as many people as possible. Utilise your digital spaces to make sure your sponsor’s message connects with your attendees. Promote your sponsor on the main page of your registration and event app. Banner ads and pop-ups are great for drawing attention to key messages.

Uploading your sponsor’s brochure to the event app before the event gives attendees more time to engage with the material. Targeted alerts can make specific people aware of interesting content and where to find it.

Pro tip: Create a branded discussion channel to allow sponsors to share information pre-event with attendees. Feedback may even give sponsors the opportunity to curate event content according to attendee interest and need.

Spark Active Networking

Networking doesn’t have to be limited to the event itself. Connecting people before the event means on-site discussions and meetings can be even more dynamic. People know who they want to meet in person ahead of the event. It saves valuable time and maximises productive discussions.

To facilitate this, make sure your event app supports attendee connection from pre-event to post-event. Use such tools as attendee profiles, LinkedIn, and private social networks (such as Group Discussions) to spark conversations before the event.



This is an edited version of a post by our good friends at EventMobi. You can read the original here


Does Your Event Start On The Right Note?

The start of your event sets the tone for the whole event. First impressions count. From the moment attendees purchase their ticket, interactions with your event must be efficient, effective and impressive!

So what does a great event start look like?

For starters your brand needs to be present and consistent at each contact point, including copy and graphics. Whether your technology is integrated or not, integrated branding will create a seamless visual link for attendees:


Event ticketing needs to be quick and easy. Online purchasing is clearly a must-have. Look to ticketing platforms like EventBrite that have the scale to support events of all sizes.

Whether it’s a small non-profit fundraiser or a large trade conference, your ticketing option must provide secure, credit card payments and a range of ticketing options (e.g. print-at-home, app-wallet and traditional paper tickets via mail).


Event registration can be marked by long queues, cumbersome paper forms and manually generated name-tags. A frustrating and time-consuming registration process will at best, irritate attendees, and at worst create poor word-of-mouth.

Streamlining your ticketing and registration process will save huge amounts of time – which means your attendees can get more from the event itself. Easy data transfer ensures attendees don’t have re-enter information they already submitted during the ticketing process.

Even with separate ticketing and registration systems, you can keep attendees moving with digital registration platforms that deliver online registration forms in a variety of places. Give your attendees flexibility and choice by offering auto login and forms via the event app, web or registration kiosks.

A Warm Welcome

Your registration point should be warm and welcoming. It should be comfortable but not so comfortable that it encourages attendees to linger there!

One of the final processes attendees often have to undertake before they can get started is the allocation of name-tags or id badges. When you’re itching to get stuck into an event, it can be frustrating to wait in line to collect your name-tag (which is one of hundreds sitting on a designated table).

Make your badge printing as fast and easy as your ticketing and registration. Badge printing kiosks allow attendees to scan their info in via a QR code or SMS/email code (think along the lines of airline auto check-in kiosks). Auto print badges that support double-sided printing and event branding look great.

Once attendees have printed their badge they can dive into your event (which obviously lives up to its great start!).

CrowdComms Elements: Choose All Or Any

We recently announced an exciting new partnership with Brisbane based event tech experts, Entegy. Entegy’s service suite (including kiosk badge printing and registration) will now form part of the CrowdComms Elements service offering.

CrowdComms Elements: End-to-End

Adding the Entegy platform to our portfolio means we can offer our clients a digital platform that provides a true end-to-end solution.

From registration to post-event data analysis, CrowdComms Elements delivers seamless integration and superior UX in a mobile friendly format.

CrowdComms Elements: Stand Alone

Don’t need an end-to-end event solution? No problem.

CrowdComms Elements are designed to work as stand alone services. If you only need a polling solution or just want to run a Q&A session, you can simply purchase the Interactive Session Element.

Need an event app combined with kiosk badge printing? That’s easy. Again, just purchase the two Elements and we’ll combine them into a simple, easy to use app.

And if you need a last minute Element addition? We can easily add any additional services to your platform.

CrowdComms’ Element Guide

CrowdComms Elements mean you can choose all or any according to your event needs:


Our Registration Element provides attendees with a quick and easy sign-in that gets them into your event faster.


Want to run efficient and effective SMS and EDM marketing campaigns? The CrowdComms Campaign Element will deliver your communication in real-time straight to attendees’ mobile devices.

Event App

The cornerstone of our Elements, the Event App is the platform that provides attendees with everything they need to know when they need to know it.

Kiosk & Badges

The Kiosk & Badge Element is an impressive way to welcome your attendees.   Self-print badges with sophisticated design capabilities deliver a check-in with impact.

Attendance Tracking

Keep track on your event attendance in real-time. Attendance Tracking allows you to monitor attendee numbers and activity throughout your event.

Networking and Gamification

Create an engaging and immersive event experience with our Networking and Gamification Elements. Support attendee-to-attendee and attendee–to-sponsor engagement that delivers genuine ROI.

Interactive Sessions

Turn your attendees into participants. Whether it’s Live Polling or Q&A, our Interactive Elements will ensure your attendees are fully engaged and able to make their ideas heard.

Lead Capture

Allow sponsors to capitalise on potential sales opportunities by converting attendee interest into meaningful and qualified leads with the Lead Capture Element.


Identify your event success factors with comprehensive data analysis. Post event statistics are delivered in clear and easy to understand formats suitable for presentations and written reports.




Case Study: Integrating Event Registration

Welcome to the third extract from our interview with Shore Events. So far Managing Director, Chris Lind, has given us a really good detailed account of what it’s like to work with an event app at an actual event. Here, we talk to Chris about the registration aspect of the event app.

Registration is worth thinking about when putting together a seamless event. An integrated system may not suit every occasion, but when you want to take attendees from event open to event close with a minimal amount of fuss, combining an event app and registration is a great option.

CC: Hello again Chris, I wanted to talk about whether you use the registration system within your event app?

Initially (when we were looking at the app) we were looking at people to supply the registration system and different people to provide the event app

Then CrowdComms said, look we’ve also got the event registration element of it.

Although it has been a journey improving that side of it [registration], I think CrowdComms have understood the importance of getting it right.

For example, this year’s events compared to last year’s events is much better in terms of what the registration element can offer. It follows all of the brand guidelines of the event app and it looks the same as when attendees get to the app.

But also there is the option where we’ve got clients who run their event registration internally. We’re able to pull that information and drop it into the event app – so there is still a seamless connection between the two elements.

So that’s we why decided to go with the event registration element It’s much easier to do everything in one go. And it’s run really, really well and it is getting better with time. I think CrowdComms have done really well with listening to us saying, “this worked, this didn’t and can we have that bit and quite quickly!” Responding to that and adding bits that we feel are important.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Consider including registration within the event app for seamless event processing.
  1. Make sure your mobile event app provider understands your needs and can accommodate specific requests for custom features.
  1. Check that your event app provider can integrate data provided by an external registration system.

Integrating The Registration System And Event App

Registration and event apps fully integrated into a single system are available from plenty of event technology vendors. But is an integrated system always the best option for your event?

Integration On The Agenda

Your event may have specific (and different) needs for the registration and event apps. In this case you may find you need to work with different vendors for the registration and your event app. Or you may be an event planner already using a registration system you love, so when considering introducing an event app (or vice versa), integration could well be an area you need to investigate.

When Is It Important?

The importance of integration often depends on how much data your events generate. The more data you are dealing with the more the prospect of re-entering data will bring you out in a cold sweat.

How Integrations Work

The holy grail of integration is two-way communication where data entered into one piece of software automatically updates everywhere else. However, many integration platforms in the events industry are not quite there yet.

The first question you will therefore ask is whether changes made in the registration system automatically reflect in the event app? It will depend on the registration system in question, but the answer is most probably ‘yes’.

But what about in reverse? Are changes made in the event app automatically updated in your registration system? The answer to this may very well be ‘no’. So how do you deal with this and how important is it?

Managing the Attendee Experience

It often comes down to choosing the point in the attendee journey when they move from using the registration system to using the event app.

For example, attendees often choose sessions they plan to attend during the registration process. If this is the case, when you launch your event app you may tell attendees that the choices they made during registration are available in their personal schedule within the event app.

They can edit and manage them from that point on via their personal schedule in the event app.

Attendees may well add additional information that is required in the registration platform into the app. This might be flight information that they did not have at the point of registration and they are using the event app and want to enter the information via the app.

This is where your two-way integration comes into play, with the registration platform being updated from the mobile event app.

Another Option

If a fully integrated platform doesn’t deliver everything you need, consider partnership arrangements between suppliers. While CrowdComms does offer an integrated solution, we’ve also teamed up with Lil Regie (a standalone registration platform) to provide connectivity between the registration and the event app.

Customers enjoy the full benefits of two well-established (but separate) registration and event app platforms. They can easily export data from registration to the event app. Plus, the attendee experience is smooth and easy thanks to our combined approach to link access, app marketing and support.


Whether you opt for fully integrated, partnership or totally separate systems, the process needs to be seamless from the attendee perspective. Integrated platforms may appear the right way forward, but take the time to make sure they offer everything you need from the registration and event app process.



Dee Brannick - CrowdComms, Co-Founder

Working in Event Tech since 2003, Dee has made thousands of events shine by incorporating market leading technology into a diverse range of events. From boardroom meetings to multi-location conferences, Dee is passionate about finding the right solution for her clients. In 2011 she co-founded CrowdComms to maximise the explosion in smart phone usage at events and now works out of the UK office in sunny Dorset.