Session Tracking

Session Tracking provides important insights into attendee activity.

You can scan from your own mobile device, create self-scanning stations or allow attendees to self check-in. This delivers immediate records of attendance for everything from safety, catering and CPD to sponsored and mandatory sessions.


Real-time Tracking

Session tracking gives you immediate detail about attendee check-in and where they’ve been.

By providing real-time tracking of check-ins and badge scanning you can see guest behaviour at a glance. The applications are endless, from fire and bomb safety to managing catering.

With useful stats never more than a few clicks away, digital attendance monitoring is here to streamline your onsite event management.


Features at a Glance

• The easy-to-use Track app turns staff mobile devices into a badge scanner.

• Create entry rules for limited sessions.

• Export tracking data to validate and award CPD points.

• Functional even when the WiFi drops (simply sync when the connection is restored).

• Budget-friendly options with no need to hire additional equipment

• Live data: see what sessions and speakers are getting the most attention and which sessions each attendee has attended.

• Attendees can earn gamification points and achievements for attending sessions.

• Check who has, and hasn’t, attended mandatory sessions.