How Effective Is Your Event Name Badge?

The event name badge is an essential fixture at most conferences, exhibitions and tradeshows. It’s a hardworking feature that does more than just display an attendee’s name.

A hard working conference name badge:

  • facilitates networking,

  • shows credentials,

  • promotes brand,

  • confirms access authorisation and

  • stores digital information via QR codes.

Not bad going for a small guy!

Event Name Badges of Honour


Not all name badges are created equal. Printed lanyards will give you professionalism and staying power, however, to maximise their potential you need to:

Minimise copy:  the event name badge should only contain essential information e.g. attendee name, company and position title. If someone needs more than a glance to glean information there are too many words.

It you want to include more detailed information, such as maps or agendas, print them on the back.

Have the right font size: the conference badge copy should be easy to read but not so large that it takes up all the badge space (this may give ‘readers’ the feeling they’re being shouted at!).

Ensure print quality: the event badge design may be eye-catching and the font perfect, but if the print quality is poor the badge will look unprofessional at best, illegible at worst.

Colour code: colouring coding is a great way to denote specific attendee groups e.g. blue badges for exhibitors, yellow badges for speakers, green badges for the executive stream.

Keep event badges facing forward: good quality lanyards will minimise twisting.

Make access easy: self-printing badge kiosks are perfect for fast processing and making last minute changes.  Multiple kiosks in the event reception area will keep queues short and attendees happy.

Think about sponsors: the event name badge and/or printing kiosks can provide opportunities for sponsors to showcase their brand logo.


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Cleiton Fuhr