Getting The Balance Right – The Trifecta of In-person, Hybrid and Virtual Events

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As we step into 2024, the event industry stands at a pivotal crossroads, balancing between digital innovation and the innate need for human interaction. Post pandemic, we’ve seen a renewed appreciation for personal connection, and now the event industry is witnessing a fascinating amalgamation of in-person, hybrid, and virtual formats.

CrowdComms Complete Event Tech Solution

In-person events: Making a comeback, it was inevitable!

2023 marked a significant return to in-person events, signalling a strong preference for face-to-face interactions. Recent statistics are quite telling, with a whopping 70% of events and an even more impressive 87% of meetings returning to a largely focussed in-person format.

What does this mean for event planners and marketers?

Choosing the right event platform is crucial, and at CrowdComms we provide a complete solution whether you are planning an in-person, hybrid and/or a virtual event. What goes into making a good event platform?

  • Personalised event registration
  • Easy to create website and Event App
  • Easy to use and feature filled Event App
  • Customisable, innovative, and fast badge printing technology
  • Quick and efficient check-in
  • Integration and security (MFA)
  • Event and community interactions and engagement
  • Intuitive and secure content management

These tools are vital in facilitating a successful event and ultimately ensuring a seamless and engaging experiences for attendees. You need look no further, as CrowdComms’ versatile platforms offer solutions that align with these key criteria – delivering excellence, every time, every event.

The Undeniable Importance of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Whilst we embrace the resurgence of in-person gatherings and the desire for connection experienced during the pandemic, all of which has most certainly had a significant impact on the nature and demand for post-pandemic events, meetings, concerts, festivals, and other in-person gatherings.

Lest we forget the magic in connecting virtually; one of the most endearing aspects of virtual and hybrid events is its ability to transcend geographical barriers. It simply brings the world closer. In the virtual events world attendees locally and from around the world can connect, engage and network without the hassle of travel.

And then there’s the hybrid event, providing event planners and attendees, with the best of both worlds. These events offer attendees the warmth and excitement of in-person interaction with the reach and accessibility of a virtual platform (for those unable to join in-person).

These virtual platforms have proven their worth, providing resilience, innovation, and inclusivity. At CrowdComms we provide a complete event solution for professional virtual streaming and broadcasting support; plus, all the essentials required for an in-person event as mentioned earlier.

If you have an event coming up and need some guidance, talk to our team, we’d be happy to find the right solution for your event: 

CrowdComms Production StudioEmbracing the Future @ CrowdComms

At CrowdComms we are committed to blending best of both worlds; to providing bespoke event tech solutions tailored to enhance your attendees event experience, ensuring they walk away with a memorable and engaging event journey. We will continue to focus on developing software that facilitates connections, engagement, and fun irrespective of your event format, and we will make sure that you feel supported every step of the way.

Let us go forth and create those unforgettable moments, bearing in mind that we are not just organising events; also fostering well-being, one interaction at a time. Eager to discover the exciting innovations CrowdComms can bring to your events? Reach out to us now to start crafting exceptional experiences. Connect with our team today and begin your journey towards transforming your events.

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.

Request Pricing and Features Brochure

Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.