10 Ways to Personalise your Event Badge

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Personalisation stands out as a significant trend driving attendee engagement and satisfaction at events in 2024 with event planners all over the world.

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Given event badges’ central role in the identification and access control for events, customising them is a golden opportunity to elevate the attendee experience. It can transform standard events and conferences into unique experiences, leaving lasting impressions on your attendees. 

 Here at CrowdComms, we have delivered thousands of badges over the last few years, so have seen it all. We’ve compiled ten ways to personalise your event badges, ensuring your event stands mapart in the minds of your attendees. 

1. Unique barcodes for every attendee

If you’ve never built an event badge before, each of those barcodes you see on the front (or back) of them, are linked to your attendees’ registration details to streamline check-ins and facilitate easy tracking at various event stages.  

This not only enhances security but offers a great opportunity for you to collect data on the interests (and attendance of sessions or exhibitors) by your attendees. You should be able to set this up automatically within your event registration platform – if not, you should probably give us a call https://www.crowdcomms.com/contact/ today! 

2. Incorporate social media handles

Encourage networking and connections among attendees by including their social media handles on their badges. This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also serves as an excellent conversation starter, making your event a hub for professional networking. 

3. Add personal messages or notes

Adding personalised messages or notes to each badge shows attendees they are valued and appreciated. Why not add something that will make them smile such as “have a great day John” or “once a day allow yourself the freedom to dream”. Remember, you can personalise EVERYTHING on your event badge – sometimes, we forget to simply have fun with our audience!  

4. Custom designs and artwork

Within the registration platform, you should be able to tailor each badge with custom designs or artwork that resonate with the attendee’s interests, their company logo, or the event’s theme when you’re creating your event.  

This level of personalisation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the badge but also strengthens the attendee’s connection to the event. Think beyond a coloured strip and more, a piece of art! (it’s also great for social sharing)!

Personalised Badges

5. Use a spectrum of colours on your event badge

Employ a variety of colours for the badges to signify different attendee types or access levels effortlessly. Colour-coding simplifies identification, aids in efficient crowd management, and adds a vibrant touch to an event necessity.  

Don’t add too many though – your onsite staff will quickly become confused and those with vision impairment, will struggle to understand them.  

6. Highlight dietary requirements

For events catering food, including an attendee’s dietary requirements on their badge can be a thoughtful touch. It enables catering staff to quickly identify and accommodate the dietary needs of each participant, ensuring everyone enjoys the meal offerings – something an event planner dreams of. 

7. Leverage QR Codes

QR codes on badges serve multiple functions—from simplifying exhibitor lead capture or theatre scanning but attendees could scan attendee to attendee for person to person networking. Think beyond networking and allow attendees to add content they’d like to share or links to their LinkedIn profile for example, might be a great addition to your next event.  

8. Fun facts on the name badge – event networking conversation starters 

Have you got some fun facts or conversation starters that you could add to your badge to make the event more intimate and memorable? It could be a historical fact about the speaker or event location, an icebreaker question, or a fun statistic related to the event. These small details can make a big impact on attendee engagement and enjoyment. 

9. Include session schedules

Instead of handing out separate brochures or schedules, include the sessions your attendees scheduled on the back of their badge. This saves on unnecessary printing and makes your badge a really useful tool for every attendee.   

10. Add your floorplan to the event badge 

Ok, so if you’ve taken over the entirety of ExCeL London, you won’t squeeze every stand and hall on the badge, but you could highlight key areas, halls or stands that attendees should make sure they visit – as well as accessible toilets and other important event info for your event. Attendees can then refer to their badge throughout the event, making event navigation a breeze.  

Why you should personalise your event badges 

Event badges are more than just a recycled piece of neckwear; they hold the power to enhance attendee experiences in multiple ways.  

Customising and personalising event and conference badges not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also adds value to your attendees’ onsite experience. Don’t forget you can always A/B test your name badge designs, just like your personalised emails, so see what works, review and evolve your offering to enhance every event experience.  

Ready to elevate your event experience with personalised badges? Contact CrowdComms https://www.crowdcomms.com/contact/ today to discover how we can help you design and deliver your sustainable event badges that truly stand out and make a lasting impression on your attendees. 

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.