The Real Price of Paper Based Events

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Paper has been an event staples for many years. Attendees and planners often associate events with reams of paper-based information; from brochures to post session feedback forms. But how much does paper really cost your event?

You might already know that paper hurts the environment or that paper can cost significantly more than an event app. But there are other ways paper based material can be detrimental to your event:

Time Costs

However you choose to deliver your event information, it takes time to put the content together. Planners often work many months in advance to make sure event content is ready in time.

Unfortunately paper can place additional pressure on planners.

Depending on volume and complexity, printers may require anything from four to eight weeks in advance of an event.   This means planners must have content locked down for print deadline.

It’s a tough ask, particularly if planners are still working on or wrapping up previous events.


Events are rarely static. Last minute changes, such as speakers or agenda items are not uncommon

Accommodating these kinds of updates in an event app is easy. Most event apps update in real time. Many changes can be made on the spot with little or no additional cost.

Commissioning a reprint for paper based brochures or material can be a headache.   Short notice reprints can be difficult to accommodate within printers’ schedules. Even if it can be done, urgent deadlines may incur a premium charge.

Missed Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is often a critical part to making an event sustainable. As an important revenue stream, attracting sponsors is a primary objective for many planners.

Sponsorship packages can be sold right up until an event opens, but it’s a lot harder if the event is paper based.   Although the packages can still be sold, most sponsors will want visibility in the event brochure. And that just might not be possible if the print deadline has passed.

Many of our clients made the switch to an event app because they had to stop selling sponsorship after brochures went to print. While an event app can accommodate last minute sponsors additions, paper brochures may mean an event loses valuable sponsorship opportunities.

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