What Are The Most Important Event App Features?

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When you’re trying to find what you need from your event tech, it can be tough working out the must-haves vs. the nice-to-haves. Each event will have a specific set of tech requirements, but if you’re new to event tech (and event apps in particular) it can help to know which event app features to focus on.

With this in mind, we got our office gurus together and worked through the list of event app features. We discussed the benefits of each one and debated their likely importance to most events.

In order of importance, here’s our top ten:

  1. Agenda

It’s the beating heart of all events and event apps! With an ability to personalise agendas and ‘favourite’ sessions, attendees can work out where they want to be and when.

  1. Speaker and Attendee Bios

In second spot is people information. Great networking is a common driver for many events. Access to relevant information about fellow attendees and speakers through the event app helps people make the right connection and presentation choices.

  1. Maps and Interactive Mapping

Helping people navigate your event through your event app is crucial to providing an excellent event experience. It’s no good having an event packed with great features if attendees can’t find them easily.

  1. App Branding and Flexible Layout

A flexible event app is a great event app. The ability to tailor the layout and branding means you can create a custom look that gives each event its own individual identity.

  1. Sponsor Area and Sponsor Branding

Our fifth place goes to the sponsors. Often the reason why events can happen at all, it’s important to make sure they get a good event ROI. A dedicated event app space with prominent branding opportunities means sponsors’ messages don’t get lost in the mix.

  1. Documentation

Getting the right information to the right people boosts the event experience. The event app can house a whole library of resources, such as presentations and supporting PDFs. It gives breadth to event speaker sessions and stops attendees having to carry around reams of paper.

  1. Info Booth

It’s the basic detail that can get forgotten! The event apps Info Booth makes sure the must-have info is always at hand. From addresses to dress code, attendees can access the essentials in one place.

  1. Interactivity

In eighth place is interactivity. An interactive event app gives attendees a voice. Whether it’s participating in live polling or Q&As or creating a personalised planner or surveys, interactivity changes attendees from spectators to participants.

  1. Gaming and Gamification

Getting attendees engaged in the event activity is a top outcome for just about every event planner. Gaming is a proven way to get attendees connected with each other and event features- event apps make gaming a no-brainer!

  1. Lead Tracking

Our final place goes to this key event app feature that helps exhibitors make qualified follow-ups. Many events provide great sales opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors. The ability to qualify leads is enticing for any organisation that is considering getting involved in your event.

So, these are our findings of the top ten most important event app features in the CrowdComms’ office. What have we missed or what do you think should be in the top ten?

Pete Hair – CrowdComms, Co-Founder

In 2011, Pete co-founded CrowdComms from his garage in Sydney. With over two decades experience in event tech in the UK and Australia, Pete’s been involved with thousands of events, large and small. He gets a buzz improving events using the latest technology, and exciting customers with innovative solutions and great technical support.

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