Networking: Facilitate Meaningful Connections

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It’s a well-known fact, networking is highly valued by attendees. Delegates consistently rank networking as one of the top reasons they attend business events. Finding new and novel ways to help them connect can give your event a leading edge. Here are 7 examples of looking at networking from a different angle, assisting attendees to build meaningful relationships with the most useful contacts, and how an event app can help.

Networking with Gamification

Gaming is our number one recommendation for a different take on networking.

There are lots of ways to use event app gaming, we find that the most successful planners are the ones who think outside the box. Try a scavenger hunt style game where attendees have to ‘Find the Exec’ and have a meaningful conversation with them.

Alternatively, add codes to each attendee badge. Once attendees feel they have made a meaningful connection they should swap codes and enter them into the event app.

Rewarding points for networking (with a big prize at the end) facilitates more interaction and movement.


Attendees don’t just want to ‘network’, they want to make valuable connections. Facilitate meetings that mean something for your attendees- this means match-making.

In advance of the conference, ask your delegates to complete an online profile with three facts about themselves and three things are seeking at the event. This profile and information will then be uploaded onto the event app. Use this information to match attendees with others who they would want to meet.

Personal Agenda

During the registration process, allow your attendees to choose the sessions they want to attend. Having smaller sessions with specific focuses will be much better for facilitating connections, attendees choose what’s most relevant to them.

By using an event app, you can build in personal agendas for your attendees. Only the sessions that they have chosen will be visible in the event app.

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