Delivering Event Lead Generation For Sponsors

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Lead generation is a big incentive for organisations to sponsor an event.  If your sponsor is looking for event lead generation, the event app is your ally.

Event App Game 

An event app game can add an element of fun and friendly competition to any event. Attendees earn points for completing challenges and the leader board is usually displayed on big screens around the event in addition to on the app.

When event lead generation is your sponsor’s main motivation, game challenges can be designed to encourage attendees to stop by their stand.

Expo Challenge

All the challenges within the game can be dedicated to interacting with sponsors.

If the game is being used primarily for another reason (say to enhance learning or to reward attendees for session participation), a select few challenges can be allocated to one or more sponsors.

Allocate extra points to the sponsor’s challenges and watch the attendees complete them quickly and eagerly. A sponsor’s challenge could be something as simple as visiting the sponsor’s stand to receive a code. Or, it may be to enter the answer to a question related to the sponsor’s business.

Head here for more inspiration on Event App Gaming.

Leads Via Live Polling

You may allow the sponsor to survey the audience on a topic via the event survey or via a live poll. Alternatively a sponsor could offer attendees something of value, such as a report or a white paper, via a live poll. J

Just remember to ensure the audience is made fully aware when their contact details are being shared with sponsors.

Attendee Messaging

The attendee module is another event app feature that helps facilitate connections between event attendees as it includes private in-app messaging.

The attendee module and messaging is often reserved for non-sponsor or exhibiting attendees. If this is the case you may wish to allow one or a select few of the sponsor’s staff to set up attendee profiles and use it to connect with attendees.

Choose all or a combination of the above and let the leads roll in.

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