Help! What Went Wrong With My Event?

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We know, you’re an excellent event organiser. But sometimes things just don’t seem to work. You put together a great agenda, packed with top speakers and interesting session topics. …and yet, once the event was all over you felt something was ‘off’.

Maybe your keynote speaker was great on paper but her delivery was dull. Perhaps the entertainment act didn’t quite cut it with the audience. Or did you feel the networking evening fell flat?

Gut feel is a good indicator of event failure (or success) but how can you work out exactly what went wrong?

Here are five ways the event app can help:

  1. Popular vs. Unpopular

The event app won’t mess around in delivering the tough messages. It will tell you which speakers hit the mark (or didn’t). You can also find out the least popular information session and whether anyone paid attention to your sponsors.

Detailed analytics are available from the moment the event finishes. You can see in an instant what attendees loved and what they ignored.

2. Hot Dates

The event app can also show you when attendees were most active. With access to pageview and unique visitor stats, you can see the frequency of visits and when they peaked and tailed.

Did you have a three-day event but only high activity on one of those days? The visitor data will get you thinking about what was happening on the other two days to distract or disengage attendees.

3. Divisive Devices

You lined up some fabulous event tech that was super compatible with the latest mobile devices. Problem was, hardly anyone accessed it.

The event app will give you a detailed account of how many people used what device. You can find out whether 80% of your attendees were using a Blackberry or whether most of them weren’t even using a mobile device at all!

4. Sponsor Hits and Misses

This is a big one. Event sponsors will want to know if their event app sponsorship investment paid dividends.

Using the event app analytics you can show sponsors just how much of an impact their brand made.

5. Real-Time Feedback

While the analytics will give you the hard facts on what worked and what didn’t, the event app also supports real-time attendee feedback.

Want to know why attendees didn’t engage with a particular speaker session? Just ask them.

Event surveys and feedback forms can be issued at any time during and after the event. Whether it’s after a specific speaker sessions or the event as a whole, you can ask your attendees to give their opinion on what they loved (or loathed) about their event experience.


Making mistakes or trialing event features that don’t hit the mark is part and parcel of event organising. But with event app analytics you can pinpoint the missteps to make sure they don’t derail future events.

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