Which Event App Supplier Is Right For You?

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With over 300 event app suppliers in the market, it’s important to know the difference between each provider’s speciality.

Many mobile event apps are geared towards exhibitions. The type of technologies used for these tend to be aimed towards lead tracking and navigation around the expo hall for attendees. The event apps often use breadcrumb mapping and sometimes Bluetooth technology.

Other event app suppliers specialise in festivals and public events. If you have been to a large outdoor event then you might have experienced using an app like this.

When assessing which event app supplier to work with, it’s important to understand where they fit in the marketplace and what they do best. Ask to see their app portfolio. If the majority of their event apps are for exhibitions and festivals then clearly this is their area of speciality.

CrowdComms work predominantly in the conference market, especially corporates conferences and association conferences. The technology platform we have built is designed specifically for event apps and conference apps. Our development team is experienced in building conference app and understand the needs of conference organisers.

There are certain features that a conference app would have over an exhibition app platform. Typically this would be based around an emphasis on the agenda and in room interaction for delegates, rather than the mapping and navigation as the focus of the whole app.

Although our event app is perfect for conferences, the platform is flexible and can be adapted for just about any kind of event.

Vanessa Bishop – CrowdComms, Head of Sales (Australia)

Even after 20 years selling IT solutions Vanessa is a self-confessed “non techie”. She loves is bridging the gap between people like her and technology. Vanessa helps CrowdComms clients build and deliver highly engaging events apps that deliver fantastic results. Outside of the event tech world, you can find Vanessa on a beach somewhere in Sydney.

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