Set Your Event Apart With A Custom Designed Event App

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Would you like to push the creative boundaries of your event app? Want to offer clients a custom event app that sets their event apart from the competition?

Sometimes planners need extra flexibility with app design.

Maybe you have some unique branding requirements? Or want to grab people’s attention with animated graphics?

CrowdComms’ Advanced Designer platform presents event planners with the opportunity to create an event app that’s as unique as their event.

Advanced Designer

Described as, “a game changer for event apps”,  Advanced Designer delivers the ultimate in custom event app design creativity and control. Our new feature means planners can truly stretch the boundaries of what is possible in terms of event app aesthetics.

Let your designer’s imagination run riot and create an extraordinary event app to match the flair and creativity of your event.

How Does It Work?

CrowdComms’ event app users will notice that the Customise module has been renamed as App Design Studio.

The studio houses the Advanced Designer. Within the studio you can re-style any aspect of your event app by editing the custom css in real-time.

Why Choose Advanced Designer?

It’s not just a tool to make the event app look pretty. The ability to customise can deliver powerful results that offer genuine ROI. Advanced Designer means you can:

  – Create competitive difference by highlighting your event brand in every detail

  – Deliver compelling sponsorship opportunities through strong corporate branding and event themes

  – Delight attendees with a truly unique mobile experience

A Cost Effective Choice

While Advanced Designer may look like an expensive addition to your event app, we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s available at a price that will suit almost any budget and RFP requirement. EVEN BETTER: until September 30 2017 you can get a huge discount from our standard pricing.

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