Competition: The Science Behind Gamification

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Competition is in our nature. So, for most people, there is something inexplicably compelling about it. “Competitiveness” is a trait that evolved from our basic need to survive, and also happens to be very adaptable for use in event apps! Throughout human history, people seemed to have enjoyed a good competition in one form or another, with the 776 BC ancient Greek Olympic Games or a 2017 medical conference.

Given the seemingly powerful role of competition in society, we might ask whether it is possible to leverage competition for events as well. Event app gamification is an excellent way to boost adoption rates and marry your content to your app, your attendees are sure to get involved.

To boost competition and hone in on your attendees “natural instincts” using event app gamification, we have a few suggestions based on past successes:

Increase Sponsorship ROI

If you need to improve sponsorship revenue, create a check-in game with challenges that award points for visiting your sponsors’ booths. For even more points, create more specific challenges on the event app and give your sponsors’ representatives on the floor their own passwords to reveal after a more in-depth discussion. You could even offer a sponsored event game where the challenges are designed to educate attendees about your sponsor.

Get Networking

If you need attendees to network better at your event, you can create a networking event app game in which attendees earn points for every connection made. This is a great way to incentivize participants to not only make connections but step out of their comfort zone and create lasting contacts.

Drive Behaviour

Using a scavenger-hunt style challenge is brilliant for large exhibition fairs and other events in more complex venues. Getting attendees moving around large areas and getting the most out your event can be difficult, so encourage this by leaving codes scattered around the venue. Attendees can follow the clues given on the event app to lead them to the answers.

Be sure to live display your results as your attendees play and reward the winners with prizes- perhaps a free event app? This is sure to ramp up the competition and increase engagement.

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