Don’t Let Your Budget Surplus Do A Disappearing Act!

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If you work for, or own, an Australian business, you’ll be well aware that June 30 is rapidly approaching. And for many of us that means End of the Financial Year i.e. EOFY! EOFY can often feel like EOTW (end of the world). There is so much to tie up before that magic, or maybe, dreaded date. Tax returns, insurance renewals, new business tenders – it’s no wonder our towns and cities can look like they’re manned by sleep deprived zombies come July 1.

With all this furious EOFY activity, budget surplus can often get missed. With many budget allocations running from July 1, any money left over from the previous financial year allocation simply gets re-absorbed back into the business. Which is problematic:

  1. You Miss Out –

Every business department can always make good use of funds. But time can creep up on us and all of a sudden there’s extra cash in the pot that (if not spent) is in danger of being re-absorbed back into the business.

  1. You’ll Miss Out (Again) –

New budget allocations are often based on the how much money was spent the previous financial year.

If you don’t spend your budget from this year, it makes sense your finance department will assume you don’t need as much money next year. Suddenly you find your budget allocation is slashed.

Of course, just because you have budget surplus doesn’t mean it can be spent on anything. And this is the rub…

…with time running out, the pressure to spend budget on something that has genuine business benefit can be just too hard.

But here’s where we can help. CrowdComms event app is an easy purchase to make and a terrific investment for your business. Why an event app?

  1. Buy now, use when you need it. Your new event app can be used at any time during the 2017/18 financial year.

  2. Easy to purchase. Check out the demo, ask us any questions. Your event app purchase can be wrapped up in a matter of hours.

  3. Great ROI. Your new event app will be a boost to the business. With great returns on cost savings, attendee engagement and process efficiencies, you can be confident your budget surplus is wisely spent.

If your budget surplus is in danger of disappearing, talk to us about how we can help you get the most from those last valuable dollars.


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