Webinar Review: Boosting Event Engagement

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CrowdComms Ireland recently ran a popular webinar on Boosting Engagement at Your Next Event. Getting and keeping attendees engaged is critical to any event success. Bored delegates quickly turn off their attention and switch on their smartphone. With this challenge in mind, our Ireland team put together a presentation to give event organisers tips and tricks guaranteed to keep attendees plugged into event activities.

Interaction is a sure fire way to get attendees’ brains humming.  And there are lots of options to choose from to fire up the enthusiasm factor. Our presenters took the audience through a series of interactive features:

Polling – with live polling, everyone gets their say. Pose the questions and let your audience respond in real time via their mobile device.

Q&A – a digital Q&A platform means extending the experience beyond a roving mic. Audience members can pose questions and vote-up the ones they really want answered.

Surveys – post-session surveys help you quickly see what works and what doesn’t.

Discussion boards –  discussion boards are a great way to support group chat and information exchange.

We put audience interaction and participation into practice by asking our audience to tell us what they wanted to know.  They voted to hear about pre-event communication and how to set their event apart using ‘something different’.

We also discussed activities that boost event success.  There was a consensus that pre-event planning is the most important success factor. It allows planners to understand their audience and provide them with the event they’re looking for. On a similar note was the second most important success factor: crowd sourcing content.

During the session the audience used our Pollevent software to ask the presenters questions and vote-up the issues that most interested them. This meant we had time to answer the most popular questions (and planners could see live polling in action!).

Want to know more about boosting engagement at your next event? The slides from the session can be downloaded here. If you would like a recording of the session, get in touch with the CrowdComms Ireland team at [email protected]

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