5 Quick Tips To Make Abstract Management Easy

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If you’re planning a medical or scientific conference, you’ll know that abstracts are a critical part of the event’s documentation. You’ll also know the cost and logistics of printing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of abstracts can be daunting (and expensive). Event apps make the storing and dissemination of abstracts easy. Instead of one very large and bulky brochure, the right event app can store every single abstract in your attendee’s mobile device.

It’s a cheaper and more convenient solution to abstract management. If you’re opting for an event app for your next medical or scientific conference, here are a few features to look for to make abstract management even easier:

1.Data Handling:  scientific and medical abstracts will invariably include data presentations in a wide range of formats. Whether it’s pie charts or video presentations, make sure your event app can show the data in its intended format.

2.Presentation Format:  while each abstract may differ in content, a uniform template or presentation format will make abstracts easier to read on a mobile device. It will also help to create a professional feel to the documentation.

3.Ease of Uploading:  if you’re managing the event app yourself, uploading documentation has to be easy and quick. Ask your potential app provider to give clear guidance on the uploading process. Make sure they are on hand to help should you need additional support.

4.Searchable and Shareable:  finding and sharing abstracts has to be efficient and fast. Your event app must have sophisticated search and share features that allow abstracts to be located and passed on easily. Ask your app provider for tips on devising abstract titles that will be easy to find.

5.Data Analysis:  reviewing abstract activity is key to understanding what worked and what didn’t post conference. The right event app will be able to provide date that shows unique visitors, popular abstracts, most shared and least viewed.

Pro Tip: find out how event app abstract management works in a real life via our case study

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