Case Study: How Event Badging Made Things Personal

Read about how renowned event organisers, ThinkTank Media, used our event badging solution to deliver a personalised welcome to their attendees.

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No two events, or event planners, are ever the same. It’s why flexibility is a key element of CrowdComms’ service. We make sure our products and platforms are always perfect for your event.  We adapt to suit you, not the other way round!

ThinkTank Media


This year we’ve worked with Sydney based events agency ThinkTank Media, who produce the highly regarded Corporate PA Summits and Corporate Health & Wellbeing Summits, to provide them with an event badge printing solution that would meet their event needs.

While they were keen to utilise our kiosks to streamline their event badge printing processes, ThinkTank Media also needed the experience to be personal and welcoming for attendees.

Cass Brownlow-Davies from ThinkTank explains why Pronto! was able to deliver.

“We’d been looking for a registration solution for some time, but were only offered services that looked to manage the whole registration process.  We pride ourselves on making and maintaining a personal connection with our attendees. The solutions offered potentially compromised our ability to deliver that personal touch.”

While CrowdComms Pronto! kiosks are perfect for processing large numbers of event attendees, it was clear ThinkTank needed something extra for their events.  Streamlined processing was important but they needed to maintain attendee connection too.

We discussed the different ways kiosks could be utilised to deliver what ThinkTank needed.  Not only did the kiosks need to be functional, they needed to be transportable as ThinkTank hold events around Australia, New Zealand and the US.

The Right Fit


It became clear that our lovely Pronto! Mini kiosks would be the right fit.  Easy to transport, the Mini also suited ThinkTank’s registration set-up.

ThinkTank have been delighted with how the kiosks have enabled them to deliver professional event processing but still maintain a personal level of service, as Cass explains,

“We’ve used the Pronto! kiosks to personally print the badges and hand them to attendees as they arrive. We often print ahead of time so the badges are ready to go.  We feel it helps give our attendees a professional and warm welcome.”

In addition to the processing, Cass tells us that ThinkTank love having that all important flexibility on the day,

“We know a lot of our delegates, so it’s important we can print the badges and personally check the detail to make sure it’s correct.”

And because ThinkTank want each and every attendee to have the best possible event experience, Cass is delighted that changes can be easily accommodated,

“It’s great that we can print name badges for late addition attendees or people who are taking someone else’s place.  It makes a difference to have a properly printed name badge rather than walking around with a hand written sticker, it makes everyone feel included.”

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