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Customisable Skin

Get a custom designed app without the cost of a custom designed app! Our flexible event app framework means you’re in control. The easy to use CMS allows you to tailor the app to suit. We include all the features you need plus give you the ability to make the changes you need. Want to include multiple links for specific attendee groups or have separate tabs for exhibitors and sponsors? It’s no problem with our app.

Personalised Agenda

Even large events can connect with each and every guest. Our event app allows you to tailor the content and schedule according to your guests’ interests. Attendees no longer have to feel like just a number. With the interactive app’s personalised agenda, they’ll feel like the event was curated just for them.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Let your mobile event app boost ROI for both you and your sponsors. Our event app offers a sophisticated range of in-app advertising. From advanced profiles to exclusive branding, we make sure you can offer your sponsors a range of options that are sure to deliver on their investment.

Document Library

Lighten the load by including session presentations and brochures in-app. Going paperless means reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Attendees don’t have to sift through endless pieces of paper. All the information they need is available in the palm of their hand. Planners save time by cutting out lengthy printing and logistics. Upload the information and you’re good to go.

Polling and Q&A

There’s no better way to gauge audience reaction than through live polling. Powerful polling turns attendees into participants with lightning fast results displayed to the audience. Unlike paper based surveys, live polling gives immediate access to attendees’ thoughts and feelings. Whether its speaker feedback, industry hot topics or audience questions, our polling platform gives you the data you want…fast.

Attendee Networking

Networking is super productive with our event app. The app allows attendees to connect with each other and message via our one-to-one chat platform. And knowing who to connect with is easy. Each attendee has a profile space where they can showcase their credentials. Guests no longer have to ‘work a room’. They can now make targeted and meaningful connections each and every time.

Engagement Dashboard

Want to know if your event is kicking goals? Our data solutions give you the answers you need to know. The event app’s comprehensive analytics mean you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Speaker engagement, sponsor awareness and attendee satisfaction are just some of the areas you can put to the test. Our event app makes sure your event is a success..

Real Time Updates

Don’t let last minute changes cause a headache. Our real time updates make sure notifications are sent out immediately. Whether you need to include a surprise addition or make an emergency cancelation, your attendees will always be kept in the loop.

Interactive Maps

Put away that paper map and find what you’re looking for in seconds with interactive maps and floor plans linked directly to sessions and other events.

Flexible Scheduling

Free yourself from inflexible paper based agendas. Once the printing press rolls your event schedule is fixed. Making changes is hard. Our event app is always willing to accommodate change. The app will happily let you push the timetable back or switch speakers around. Plus, it will make sure each and every attendee knows what’s happening. How’s that for flexibility?

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