Executive Leaders Network – Multi-Event App Platform, Badge-printing Kiosks and Onsite Support 

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“It was a welcome relief when CrowdComms got in touch.

You are everything we needed and everything we didn’t realise we needed.”

ELN (Executive Leaders Network) host a wide range of virtual and in-person conferences, exhibitions and bespoke events. They provide a community for companies’ sales, marketing and operation teams to engage with their clients and learn more about what customers are searching for. Their carefully organised events are designed to maximise opportunities for brands to position themselves as the right solution provider, put themselves forward as thought leaders in their fields and consequently build their brand awareness and reputation.   

ELN events are constructed with the primary aim of fostering meaningful and collaborative discussions at every stage. It was imperative that their technology partners were able to support this, from registration through to platform functionality and on-site engagement.   

After using a previous provider for their virtual events during the pandemic, ELN partnered with CrowdComms for their Tech, Cyber and Privacy, Finance and Procurement and HR 2022 conferences, held at the Reading FC Stadium. With an average of 250 delegates attending in-person at each event, the switch to CrowdComms enabled ELN to cater for their attendees using one badging, event app and community tech solution as well as receive the support from our teams that we pride ourselves on.   

Attendees enjoyed packed agendas filled with insightful content pertaining to their industry and had access to a range of networking opportunities including 1:1 speed networking, as well as chances to experience what suppliers had to offer in the exhibition hall. All of this was rounded off by some truly splendid catering!  

A Great First Impression with Lightning-Fast Badging Kiosks

 “The minute we saw your badging solution, we knew it would solve our problem immediately.”

With the option of attending events virtually being so commonplace, in-person events have more pressure to deliver in terms of added value, time efficiency, and ease of experience. A smooth, hassle-free registration process is essential to giving attendees a positive first impression of your event and leaves them more open to exploring the range of experiences on offer.   

The organising team at ELN received continual positive feedback throughout registration concerning the reduced plastic and paper wastage as well as the speed and ease at which the CrowdComms’ kiosks could use contactless technology to register an attendee and print out their badge in under 10 seconds.   

Attendees who were also conscious of data privacy were reassured. Their badge could be printed directly into their hands after scanning the personalised QR code on their mobile device. Unlike the days of badges displayed on trestle tables and the 10-minute name hunt, ELN attendees had ultimate control over who had access to their details and could choose who, if anyone, to share this with.  

An Event App Designed to Respond to Real Life

After being left unimpressed by the lack of flexibility and poor visual presentation of various other event apps available on the market, the team at ELN found their ideal solution in the CrowdComms app.  

In addition to the huge cost-saving benefits of publishing event information on an app over traditional printed materials, the organisers appreciated the app’s flexibility and ability to provide instant updates in response to the spontaneity of real life. Last-minute changes were seamlessly filtered through to the attendees via in-app notifications and un-registered attendees, who arrived in place of colleagues, were attended to at the door and could download their agendas instantly.   

“We could make changes off-site and be in control, not having to leave it down to the on-site team who had other things to focus on.”

The ELN events focus heavily on an agenda full of content-driven sessions, and the organisers were mindful of keeping engagement levels high. We have all spent two or more years becoming well-versed in the virtual event space, and many of us are familiar with voting and engaging with sessions via an app or within a platform. ELN were keen to bring this gamified element and the extra interactivity it generates to their in-person sessions.   

While this strategy demonstrated the benefits of bringing virtual interaction techniques to in-person events, the organisers are keen to push this even further in future events. All of the CrowdComms features, from Meeting Booking, to Polling and Q&A, to Video-On-Demand and our new virtual networking feature, Smart Sessions, are housed under one roof. Whichever features our clients would like to incorporate into their event, they can relax knowing that their attendees will be able to have instant access to everything without having to log in to third-party integrations.  

The CrowdComms’ Difference

“We’ve built great relationships with the team at CrowdComms. They’ve helped us to develop and introduce features that we can incorporate into our next events.”

As is the case with all of our clients, it was a pleasure to provide the organisers at ELN with the right tech set-up they needed to put on a series of fantastic events. It is wonderful to hear that we have inspired ELN to push their event boundaries through our platform, badging kiosks and our ‘we’re always here’ level of support. They have developed the confidence to adopt new and exciting features designed to give future attendees the best experiences.

“Every single time we needed something, you connected us to the right person to be able to solve our problems straight away. CrowdComms is a dream come true.”

Thank you to Executive Leaders Network for providing us with their feedback for this case study. Please check out their website if you’d like to learn more about their future events.

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