Dear Santa….The Wishes On Every Event Profs List

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It’s that time of the year when event profs reflect on how awfully nice they’ve been (even that time when the keynote speaker cancelled 30 minutes before they were due on stage).

It’s been a year of hard work and great events so surely Santa will reward good (not so little) event planners and organisers and deliver on their wish list for 2018:

Dear Santa,

A few things for our event stockings:

Every Event Under Budget

Oh Santa, this is a tough one but we know you can do it! Every event we spend hours and hours agonising over whether the budget will accommodate Wagyu beef sliders or whether we need to order in the meat pies. If we ditch one or two event branded balloons, can we book one of the Kardashians for our event? Will it be Pol Roger or Prosecco?

It would be so lovely if we could book everything and everyone we want and the whole event slips in under budget (every time).

No Last Minute Cancellations

In fact, Santa, no cancellations at all. No phone calls at 5am from harassed agents who need to pull the star speaker from our agenda…..on event day! No double-booked venues. No live entertainers who come down with a vomiting bug the day before doors open.

Please Santa, next year can we book things well in advance (like the super-organised event profs we are) and then have everything show up just as we planned.

Perfect Weather

We’re not sure how much influence you have over meteorological conditions, but it would be very much appreciated if you could have a word with the weather people and get them to play ball next year.

You see it’s really annoying when we’ve planned a beautiful summer ball complete with pop-up pagodas, canapés in the garden, cocktails by moonlight…and it rains. Not just a light drizzle but a downpour of biblical proportions.

It’s fine of course, because we always have a plan b. But it would be so nice if we could enjoy those canapés under a canopy of stars rather than a ceiling of strip lights.


More please! We know this one is definitely a stretch but if you can’t actually generate more time, could you please put the breaks on it a little.

It’s those last few weeks and hours in the run up to an event where time seems to move at twice its normal speed. We have a hundred and one things to do but time barrels along like it’s late for an important event (ironic, huh!).

Anyway, if you could just give time a tap on the shoulder and tell it to take it easy while we’re in those last organising phases it would be much appreciated.

Reliable Tech

You’re right Santa, we do rely on technology….a lot. But sorry, we’re not going back to paper and projectors so if you could give us this last gift for 2018 we promise to be very good event profs all year.

It’s not much to ask for. Just that the venue Wi-Fi connects first time every time. Oh and if you could see to it that the connection doesn’t drop out just as we’re completing our key poll that would be great.

And if the AV could be crystal clear at all times we’d be very grateful (remember the time the keynote speaker’s mic blasted eat splitting feedback around the room?!).

Anyway Santa, we’re sure you’re super busy so we’ll leave you with those five easy peasy things to fill our event planning sacks with.

Lots of love

Event Professionals (everywhere) x x x

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