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Public development proposals can be emotionally charged. Changes to the way people live can provoke strong reactions, both positive and negative. Civic-minded organisations will always do their best to ensure communities are engaged in discussions around major changes in their local area. But how can you garner the opinion of potentially hundreds of people? How can you give every person a voice at public consultation events?

Engaging Voices

One of our clients recently engaged CrowdComms to build an event app for the introduction of the planning phase of a new building in Sydney. The client wanted to open their doors to the public. It was important they engaged the community and gave them an opportunity to see the plans and models of the newly proposed building.

With so may people invested in the building’s outcome, the client needed an app that would capture the community’s thoughts and feelings. The technology had to be user friendly (easy for the tech savvy and tech novice alike).

It also needed to capture the information in a way that would give the client both quantitative and qualitative data

The Right Solution

CrowdComms built the app to the client’s brief. We incorporated custom surveys plus a comments box for additional feedback. Each stakeholder group (such as local residents) was given separate access to the survey. This enabled the client to view feedback according to the specific interest group.

Using the CrowdComms technology the client captured feedback from the public and interested parties. They were able to garner feelings, concerns and suggestions about the building. This response is helping to shape the proposed strategy so that it can incorporate community feedback .

Our client was delighted with the outcome and told us:

“The mobile survey app made such a difference to the way we captured feedback. We were so grateful to have CrowdComms there to support us throughout the day. Their willingness to make changes to the reports along the way, enthusiastically offering solutions, helping out with people’s iPhone access and going above and beyond what was expected all helped to make the day a great success”.

To find out more about how we can help you engage your community at your public consultation events, contact us here.

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