Get Your Matrix On With Me360

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We love being part of the event tech industry.   There’s nothing that gets our geeky hearts racing faster than hot new technology. We meet heaps of great innovators with some incredible ideas (that sometimes come to fruition!). One such innovator is Pete Thompson.   Via Me360, Pete has brought 360-degree photography to Australia and is set to inject all types of events with this revolutionary, and highly shareable, way to capture a moment.

Click Bait


Remember how awesome the fights scenes looked in the Matrix? How futuristic those camera angles felt as they panned around Neo?

Well that’s pretty much what you can expect from Me360 (awesome camera angles, not a fight to the death with Agent Smith).

The Me360 shoots images with lightening speed thanks to 30 hyper quick cameras that capture your image in the 360-degree photo ‘booth’.

Strike Your Pose

You may be wondering how to give the Me360 your best shot. Of course, you can use Neo as inspiration. Or…

How about a dab?

Or mid-air suspension?

However you decide to pose, make it awesome!

What Next?

Well, of course you’ll want those shots to go viral ASAP. Me360 software instantly turns the photos into a 360-degree branded GIF or video that will show ALL your best sides.

Your unique video will then be fired at you via email or fav social media platform for sharing with your adoring friends, family and fans.

Why We Love It

New technology allows events to increase the immersive experience for attendees. While Me360 will make a fun addition to any event, it also offers more diverse opportunities:

1. It presents a fresh opportunity for event sponsors to showcase their brand. Plus, it promotes their brand beyond the event and its attendees via social media.

2. How about incorporating Me360 into event hashtags? The video format is ideal for generating widespread interest in the event.

3. Event attendees will flock to the booth to secure their very own viral video. While people wait their turn, event planners have the perfect opportunity to encourage active networking.

Me360 presents an exciting opportunity for event profs to create a point of difference that will excite attendees and sponsors. And new event tech doesn’t get much better than that!

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