Sponsors and exhibitors will love the unique opportunities to showcase their brand. Attendees will love the dynamic interactivity and beautiful detail and you’ll love comprehensive analytics and attendance tracking.



How To Amaze Your Crowd


Pronto! Self Printing Badge Kiosks

Easy to use and stunning to look at, Pronto! self-printing badge kiosks deliver a knock-out first impression.


Sponsor and Exhibitor ROI

Deliver incredible investment returns to your event partners. Our solutions offer a range of powerful promotional options, including:

  • Gamification sponsorship

  • Pronto! kiosk branding

  • Event app branding and dynamic ads

  • Live display banner ads

  • Lead capture



Game-changing gamification to excite attendees and delight sponsors. Attendees love earning points and moving up the leaderboard by completing achievements.


Attendance Tracking

Help attendees meet their mandatory session attendance targets with attendee tracking software. Self scan and check-in means it’s easy for your crowd to keep track of their session activity.



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Keep your crowd engaged from start to finish at your event or conference. Our event tech is specifically designed to make event content streamlined, smart and interactive for all your attendees.



Deliver meaningful connections to your event crowd. Attendee-to-attendee and exhibitor-to-attendee connections are made easy thanks to our event app features such as digital messaging, lead capture and meeting management.