Snap Lockdown: What Happens to My Event?

Planners and organisers are keen to plan for on-site and hybrid events, but what happens in the event of a snap lockdown?

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Until vaccination rates are sufficient to reduce infection rates, snap lockdowns will continue to affect our daily lives.

This includes events.

Planners and organisers are keen to plan for on-site and hybrid events, but what happens in the event of a snap lockdown?

If you’re planning for an on-site or hybrid event this year, here are some things you can do to make sure your event still goes ahead.

Make 100% Virtual the Contingency Plan

Your on-site or hybrid event can still go ahead if a snap lockdown is called, but it will need to be virtual.

Switching to virtual means you don’t need to re-book speakers, secure fresh sponsorship or worry about attendees supporting a re-scheduled event.  Virtual allows your event to take place, albeit in a different format.

Communicate in Advance

Make sure your attendees, speakers and sponsors know in advance what your contingency plan will be if a snap lockdown is called.

Outline what will happen so everyone is clear and can keep the time available in their diaries.

This may involve advising that, in the event of a snap lockdown, the entire event will move online with speakers being live streamed (from their homes) and attendees also participating virtually.

Partner with a Flexible and Experienced Tech Provider

You’ll need a flexible and responsive platform provider who can move your event to 100% virtual, and quickly.

CrowdComms’ virtual event software is designed with changing plans in mind. We can move your on-site or hybrid event to virtual with minimal hassle.

We will also brief your speakers so they know exactly what they need to do if they’re required to complete a virtual presentation.

Promote the Benefits

Virtual doesn’t mean a compromised event.  Although on-site allows people to get together in a physical space, virtual supports all the features necessary for a great experience.

Networking, polling, Q&A, group chats, speaker sessions and great sponsor visibility can all be delivered by CrowdComms’ virtual event software.

In addition, we offer video-on-demand so attendees and replay sessions or view any session they may have missed.

Give confidence in the virtual contingency by outlining the features in advance via your pre-event communication.

In Summary

Snap lockdowns can be challenging for event planners and organizer, but with the right continency plans in place unexpected chan

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