The Benefits Of Taking Your AGM Online

Taking your AGM online is not only a great idea during current restrictions. It also presents an opportunity to boost participation and add value once live events are given the green light.

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We’re excited about the opportunities virtual technology can deliver for our clients. Not just as a temporary solution during on-going restrictions, but as an opportunity to engage with more people when live events fully resume.

The AGM During Restrictions

While we wait for live events for be given the go-ahead, many organisations still need to hold their Annual General Meeting. So what options do Associations and corporations have while live events are on hold?

Virtual Engagement

Digital meetings are allowing organisations to hold their AGM without breaching regulations and upholding social distancing. By taking the AGM online they can help as many people as possible engage with the event and participate in the proceedings.

Not only does the virtual model enable the AGM to take place, it also has significant potential to increase attendance.

How Does It Work?

By using our established event app platform and our new live streaming feature, CrowdComms has developed a solution that delivers everything you need to hold a successful AGM:

  • Live Streaming

Broadcasts live footage of the proceedings with speakers able to connect remotely from their location of choice

  •  Live Voting

Voters cast their votes online at the required time with only eligible people having access to vote.

 Results can be broadcast in real time via the stream or made available only to the Auditor or Chairperson to broadcast verbally on the live stream.

  •  Interactive Agenda

Including moderated Q&A, note taking and surveys.

  •  Document Library

Store key documents, meeting minutes, whitepapers etc for pre and/or post event consumption

 Boost Future AGM Participation

The platform not only helps Associations and corporations stage AGMs during the on-going restrictions, it also presents an opportunity to engage more members once large gatherings resume.

Distance, family commitments, disability and illness can all hinder members’ ability to physically attend an AGM.  While proxy voting goes some way to help, it doesn’t connect members with the full meeting content.

CrowdComms’ virtual solution allows any member with a digital device to participate in the AGM.

This means you can deliver even greater value to your members and give them a voice at your AGM, even if they can’t attend in person.

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