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Clients often ask us what content they should include within their event app software. Or, put another way, how can my event app enhance the event experience for event attendees?

content for event app software

There is a lot of information that is essential to have during the event, and the event app software is the perfect place to find it.

Event app software content is contained in a single place, available on any mobile device and can be updated in real-time.  This makes it ideal for busy event attendees who want fast access to comprehensive event information. 

Event App Software and Content 

While the event app can be a great source of event information, how do you know what attendees will want and need to know?

Let’s take a look at the key information items to include with your event app:

Event Information 

This is the basic information needed by your event attendees, so they know where to go, when they need to be there, and how to get there. 

It’s a good idea to have this content content available in the event app software ahead of time so people can organise transportation and accommodation.

CrowdComms’ event app has a specific module just for event information. Here is a list of potential inclusions in your event app content:

  1. Welcome message: a great way to introduce the event and provide an overview of event objectives and key highlights.
  2. Information about the organisation holding the event: how does the organisation fit with the event itself? Is it an industry body? Government organisation? Private business? Connect attendees with the event organisers and establish a relationship between them.
  3. Registration details: can attendees register online beforehand or onsite at a designated place? Let them know where they can find an onsite desk and what time it will be open.
  4. Event badge details: many events will offer event name badges to attendees. If your event will have check-in kiosks with self-printing functionality, you can include user access details within the event information detail.
  5. Car parks close by and cost of parking: give attendees a few options in case the closest option is full on arrival.
  6. Closest train station(s): include time to walk or transport from the station to the event venue. 
  7. Shuttle bus timetable and if attendees need to book a seat in advance.
  8. Cloak room availability and prices. 
  9. Local taxi details and whether car-share (e.g., Uber) is available in the event area.
  10. Dress code.
  11. Wi-Fi network name, password.
  12. Emergency numbers: this is always useful for event guests from overseas who may not be familiar with local emergency numbers. You can also include an event contact for urgent enquires or notifications. 
  13. FAQs: include anything event attendees may want to know. Think about what questions people usually ask at the registration desk and/or if there is likely to be any specific requirement for your event attendee demographic, e.g., prayer room availability, kosher menu items, disability access etc.

Personalised Event Agenda

With the logistics organised, attendees are going to want to access the event agenda to work out their must-attend sessions and meetings.

An event app content should include a basic event agenda, however, if possible find an event app that supports personalised agendas. This means attendees can create their own at-a-glance event schedule.


To help attendees navigate their way around the event venue,  event app software should include the relevant maps. This usually includes a venue location map and a clear, easy-to- read floor plan showing the event room.

If the event is an exhibition or includes sponsor stands, an event app floor plan that clearly shows  which exhibitor is where (without referencing a legend) is particularly useful – particularly on a smart phone sized screen.

The gold standard of event mapping is an interactive map. When attendees are browsing the exhibitor list or speaker room on the event app, a single click takes them to their location on the floor plan using wayfinder technology.

Social Media Style Activity Feed

With social media being a key communication tool for many of us, most event apps will include a social media style activity feed within the event app.

The activity feed enables attendees to easily see what’s happening at the event, event trends, and updates and shout-outs from attendees and event guests.

Documents and Videos

Including document storage and access within your event app software content is a highly useful feature for certain events.  For example, medical conferences where an abstract library plays an important role. Rather than have to print and distribute heavy weight documents, the event app can store them all in a secure online library.

In addition to written documents, you can also add Power Points, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Some event apps (such as CrowdComms) will even have the capability to store videos as a content-on-demand feature. With video being such a popular way to access information, including a video library within the event app content is an effective way to provide information to attendees in their preferred format.

Prescheduled Notifications

Prescheduled notifications or alerts help keep attendees up-to-date with event activity.

These handy pop-up reminders are great for letting attendees know that a particular session is about to start, when the lunch break is taking place, or where they can find the evening’s entertainment.

If unexpected changes happen or if you need to communicate a particular update to a specific group of attendees, use the alert function to let people know in real-time.

Interactive Event App Tools

Once you have the essentials organised, you can look at how to further enhance attendees’ event experience with specific features.

Depending on the type of event and its schedule, event planners may want to choose from a range of event app  software features to maximise attendees’ event engagement.

These features may include:  

  • Live Audience Polling
  • Q&A with a “Vote up” feature
  • Event Surveys
  • Attendee Networking
  • Gamification
  • Sponsor links and content

Once you have decided which information will include within your event app content these should be made available as widgets (much like the app tiles we have on our phones) on your event app homepage.

In Summary

Content in your event app software should include essential event information, plus experience enhancing features for your attendees. Choose an event app that can support your event information needs and deliver the content in an engaging and easy to use format.

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.