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New Appointment: Vanessa Bishop, Commercial Director

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Vanessa Bishop to the role of Commercial Director (Australia, New Zealand and Asia).

As CrowdComms’ Client Relationship Manager, Vanessa has been instrumental in growing the Australia business for over five years.  Consolidating over twenty years’ tech industry experience with a passion for events, Vanessa has generated trusted relationships with key brands and organisations across the region. Her energy and creativity is always channelled into delivering the perfect event tech solution for our partners.

While Vanessa will continue to work with existing clients, this new role will see her bring a strategic vision and strong leadership to the business that will ensure CrowdComms’ success as we continue to evolve and grow.


Do you need a dedicated event app portal?

If you’re an event organiser or business running multiple events – you should consider your own branded event portal. This is a standalone, branded event app portal, from which attendees can access any number of your event apps, even those running simultaneously.

Personalised branding

Add authority to your brand and ensure a smooth user experience with your own event portal. Brand all the app graphics including the icon shown in the App Stores, download page to link users to the relevant App Store, splash and loading screen which appear upon opening the app.

Extra sponsorship potential

Put your sponsors front and centre by placing their logo and brand on the app store tile, download page and portal loading page. This is great for a global technology sponsor.

Save costs and time

Having this offers a great return on investment. Every app build required will available as an embedded app within your portal. Having a store listing for each event is costly and is subject to app store wait time.

Advertise other events

Use your portal to show other upcoming events and allow attendees to register straight from within the page. This encourages increased attendance and app adoption rates.

Replicate other projects

Why reinvent the wheel if you’ve already created the perfect custom event app. With the Entegy Core you can replicate your projects and content, then tweak for each event.

Better user experience

Easily instruct attendees to download your event page, no need to search for a third party in the app store. If your attendees are going to a number of your events they only need to download the portal app once and select their event, no need to have multiple apps or delete and download a new event app each time.

How do they work?

Event portals serve only your events. Download your app from apple or android app store. Open the portal app on your device, then simply select the event from a list or enter a private event code.

Each time an attendee opens the portal app on their phone it automatically remembers their selection and will open to the same event they left.

Improving Event Experience with Tech

Nowadays, smartphones do seem to know us better than we know ourselves. We expect our experience of the world to be personalised, your event should meet that expectation.

A one-size-fits-all approach to your event just won’t do in this experience-driven economy. Millennials are an experience-driven generation, this means that events are far more valuable to this generation than physical items.

Therefore, it is now your job to craft a truly unique experience to make your event the one attendees remember- and come back to.

Nowadays, technology can satisfy all of your event-goers’ desires. Here are five ways to use tech to give attendees the personalised event experience they demand.

Event Apps- Of Course!

An event app has become a necessity. You can use it to communicate to attendees in real-time, they never have to miss any awesome activities that are going.

Once attendees have downloaded your event app, you can use it to share critical information. This allows you to manage everything from safety info to event traffic flow. For example, if there’s a little too much congestion in one area of the venue, push notifications can be used to encourage attendees to disperse themselves.

Let attendees create a personal schedule on the event app by marking their favourite sessions. Once they’ve indicated this information you can serve them personalised notifications when their favourite sessions are about to start, or where to meet for certain evening activities. You can also monitor this data to see which elements of the event people were most excited about.

Artificial Intelligence

As an event planner, it is likely that you’re going to be very busy, especially when it comes to show-time. You probably don’t have the time to answer every question your attendees have, especially if you’re being asked the same thing twenty time a day!

AI can be used to answer any FAQs that your attendees may have. Many systems are available, including a customer service plugin through Facebook Messenger to answer any common queries.

For usability, your AI concierge can be linked through your event app. This means that everything your attendee’s will need is still available in one place. Your event app should act as a hub for all event information.

Attendees enjoy the instant gratification of receiving a response, something that a human being isn’t always available to do. AI also saves you the cost of running a 24/7 help desk or helpline.

Artificial intelligence may seem futuristic, but it’s already having an impact on events in 2017. Now, it’s an impressive perk for attendees, but soon (much like event apps) it will be considered a staple for the attendee experience.

Techy Wristbands

RFID (radio-frequency identification) wristbands seriously speed up event entrance, but they also help make payments within the event as fast as possible. By syncing their credit card with their RFID wristband, attendees can spend less time in line and pay with cashless payments.

This way, attendees can pay for food, drinks, or merchandise with a simple tap of their wrist. They can add their payment information to their RFID wristband before the event, or through the event app, making it easier than ever to buy.

Social Media

Nearly half of millennials say they attend live events specifically so they have something to share on social channels. And the majority believe that attending a live event is the best way to show other people what they’re interested in.

So, make your event experience shareable. Give them unique or exciting content to share by renting a smart photo booth so fans can take photos, looping videos, and GIFs to post directly from the booth itself. Post these on your event apps activity feed as well as your event’s social media pages.

Let them show off where they are in photos by creating Snapchat geofilters that reflect different elements of the event experience. Use the live display feature of your event app to create a social wall and exhibit your attendees’ pictures.

Press Release: CrowdComms & Entegy Join Forces

CrowdComms is delighted to announce a new partnership with Brisbane based event technology specialists, Entegy.

This exciting joint venture will bring together two market leading organisations. CrowdComms and Entegy provide the events industry with technology designed to make event communications highly informative, engaging and interactive.

CrowdComms is delighted to be adding Entegy’s platform to its portfolio. CrowdComms Co-Founder and Managing Director, Peter Hair says,

“We are excited to be adding the Entegy Suite to our range of products and services. We have seen the Entegy platform grow and see it as the best in class solution in the market. CrowdComms are constantly looking to improve and provide better, more creative services to ensure the best solutions for events and event organisers. Entegy is a fantastic partnership for CrowdComms.” 

Entegy Executive Director, Gus Hotchin, says the company has experienced 250% growth in clients over the last financial year.

“The recent surge in demand suggests that integrated end-to-end event technology is no longer optional. Technology plays a major role in every aspect of an event lifecycle and should give organisers a single place to view real-time data and gain insight into their events from beginning to end. This spans across marketing and ticket sales, communications and engagement tools and strategies, attendance management and stakeholder return on investment,” he said. 

With CrowdComms providing production, support and onsite services to event clients in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and Ireland, Entegy will continue to focus on the continued development of their platform and growing their global distributor relationships.


Break the Ice with a Mobile Device (Not Literally!)

Yes, the rhyme was on purpose…

Any good speaker knows the importance of a killer ice breaker, it may be the be all or end all of a speaker session. A mobile event app could be just the thing to warm up your attendees.

Event App Q&A

Get delegates to collaborate and come up with questions for the speaker. Perfect for Q&A or panel sessions and stimulating conversation. With an event app, attendees can anonymously ask questions which can be a real game changer for the introverts in the room!

If you’re a little worried about silly or inappropriate questions (we want to break the ice, not smash social constructs) then you can moderate activity through your event app CMS.

Perhaps you could use this feature to incorporate another ice breaker. For example, play (or ask the speaker to sing) a few lines of a popular song and get your attendees to name the tune!

As well as this your attendees are now familiarised with using Q&A and will be more likely to engage with the event app.


Use event app gaming to have a have a bit of fun with your attendees and to promote app engagement.

Hide a code in a special place within the event app, such as in the corner of a sponsor logo. Ask your speaker to give a clue to the audience as to where the code might be. Your attendees will have to look through the app (and familiarise themselves with it) to find the code. To get people interacting, ask attendees to stand up and shout their name and company as soon as they have finished.

There is a lot you can do with gamification, you could also hold a mini scavenger hunt to get people networking and moving round the room.

Live Polling

Polling the audience is an invaluable way to get the attention of your audience, break the ice and gauge feedback and ideas for the session.

Prepare some warm up questions in advance i.e.

What brings you to the conference?

  1. Knowledge
  2. Networking
  3. My boss made me
  4. Food

Once you’ve covered some easy, light-hearted personal questions start gathering your audience’s thoughts and opinions on your session topic.


Event apps can be used in so many ways, the best strategy for getting the most out of your app is to not restrict its uses. Our clients achieve success when they think outside the box.

Event Technology Awards: Best Event App (Winner)

We are thrilled to announce that CrowdComms and platform partner, EventMobi, were the proud recipients of the Best Event App award at the Event Technology Awards on November 9th in London.

We believe that CrowdComms and EventMobi offer event organisers the very best in event app technology and service.

CrowdComms work closely with EventMobi to make sure that our products and services are aligned with planners’ needs and expectations. It’s a real honour to have our efforts recognised by the Event Technology Awards judging panel.

Tough Competition

The award is made even more special by the calibre of our fellow nominees. We were up against the likes of Double-Dutch, CrowdCompass and ShowGizmo – all highly respected event tech innovators. Although we compete in the same space, it’s a privilege to be working in a field marked by a great bunch of talented and dedicated professionals.

Our People

We don’t often get the chance to publicly acknowledge the work of our respective teams across the world. Between CrowdComms and EventMobi, we have representation right around the globe, including Canada, Australia and the UK.

From technical development to on-site support, our people work incredibly hard to deliver the right results to our clients. We’re very lucky to have some of the smartest (and nicest) people in the business working in our teams. The award absolutely belongs to each and every one of them.

Our Clients

Finally, we would also like to acknowledge our customers. For this award we showcased our work with Virgin Holidays for their Peak Launch incentive event. Like many of our clients, Virgin Holidays were a productive partner to work with. It was fantastic to see that our event app gave them the flexibility and scope they needed to make the event a success.

We know our customers are presented with a large event app market that offers plenty of choice. It means a great deal that they consistently choose to work with CrowdComms and EventMobi year after year. We look forward to continuing those partnerships, and forging new ones, well into the future.

WANTED: Event App Support Specialist

Role: Event App Support Specialist

CrowdComms Europe

Office Location: Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Salary: Competitive

Contact: (Oli King)

We are looking for an Event App Support Specialist to join our fast paced, fun working environment in Sturminster Newton.

About CrowdComms

We are a young, innovative event app and services company. Our event app clients are some of the world’s biggest brands. We are also the preferred event app provider for many of the UK’s biggest event agencies. Founded in 2011, we are located in Europe in the UK and Ireland, in Sydney, Australia and Seattle in the US.

Event App Solutions

We work with event planners from companies, associations and charities and who look to us to provide an event app platform and services. This role will support our growing client base and the Event App Specialist will become the fourth member of the support team. The successful candidate will be responsible for helping clients set up and load data into their event app, providing online training and support by phone and email and attending some client events.

The Skills You Need

Working your way around smartphones, tablets and apps should a breeze. You don’t have to be an Excel whiz but it should be something you have experience of and feel comfortable using.

The Person You Are

You need to be a creative thinker with a ‘can do’ attitude. Your attention to detail will be second to none and you must be an outgoing and confident communicator.

You’ll be cool calm and collected under pressure as part of your role will be to support the event app at live events. You will also need a current passport as our event app is used at events all over the world from Hong Kong to the US, the Middle East and all around Europe.

If you are interested in finding out more then email Oli to tell him why you’re right for the role and include a copy of your CV.

CrowdComms News: Connect16 Event App

On September 28th more than 1400 attendees will attend Connect16 at the RDS in Dublin. We are so excited to be part of this amazing event.

Connect16 is the brainchild of a very inspiring woman, Nicola McGrane, CEO of Conference Partners. This event sets out to showcase the very best Ireland has for meetings and events. Attendees will experience and learn about: technology, meeting design, venues, hotels, talented speakers, exciting entertainment acts along with the very best of Irish food and drink.

To learn more about the event and its importance for business tourism in Ireland, this short video really tells the story and the passion it’s born from.


A large part of Connect16 is about attendee networking and education.

We are delighted to be playing our part in facilitating these key elements within this event. CrowdComms will provide the event app which has just been launched and is available as a web-based event app and also via the stores.

Event Info

The event app is packed with lots of useful information, from exhibitor floor plans to all the social media associated with the event. Anyone attending the event can also join the in-app discussion channels.

Personalised Schedules

Event app users can curate their own personalised education schedules from a great range of sessions and panel discussions. All of the speaker bios are also featured within the app.

Attendee Networking

As a single day event, we expect the event app’s attendee networking feature to be widely used.

Wondering if someone you know is there? Simply click the attendee module and search for their name or organisation. The app also allows secure in-app messaging. So if you would like to connect with another attendee whose contact details you don’t have simply send them a private message via the event app.

There is a lot to look forward to and explore at Connect16.  We hope the event app enhances the whole experience.

CrowdComm’s Dee Brannick and Stuart Hadden will be there the whole day. So if you want to know anything about the event app (for this or any other event) message them via the event app. They’ll be delighted to meet you for a chat and a bit of craic.

Event App Access

Access the web version of the event app at and click on these links to download the native versions.

Google Play

Compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher

Apple App Store 

Compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher

BlackBerry World 

Compatible with BlackBerry 10 and higher

Windows Phone Store 

Compatible with Windows Phone 8 and higher



Why Should CrowdComms Provide Your Next Event App?

Good question. Ok, we’re a tiny bit biased, but we really do think we’re the bee’s knees when it comes to event apps and event tech.

Here’s why CrowdComms is perfectly placed to provide your next event app:

Small and Nimble

From a headcount point of view, we are relatively small. This is one of our key strengths. Our size makes us agile and responsive. Client requests can be processed quickly, without having to grind though endless layers of managerial sign-off.

Seriously Talented

Our team comprises of seriously talented individuals hand-picked from the event tech industry. We have a great mix of experience and expertise. From graphic design to software engineering, we make sure our organisation has the technical nous needed to design and build the systems our clients need.

Independent Growth

Because we are run exclusively by our business founders, we do not answer to a board. This speeds up decisions and keeps us moving forward fast. We are growing.   Every year we have grown considerably and not by taking on investors but the old fashioned way – doing it organically.

And because we don’t rely on external investment, we constantly review our products, the business and our clients to improve our offerings and services. That way we make sure we stay ahead of the pack and continue to deliver outstanding event apps.


We make stuff from scratch. The majority of our revenue is actually from products that we have built in house and not products we have resold.

CrowdComms is a software manufacturer, and this is where we invest most of our money – to keep making amazing products to power the events industry. We do interesting custom projects for events with specific needs. But we also have a great selection of off-the-shelf solutions for events that don’t require any extra features.

It’s All About The Team

We are a tight team and do cool stuff together. Having fun together as a team makes working together easier.   Enjoying what we do means we want to do our best for our clients.

The team at CrowdComms consists of quality people who are all passionate about event technology.

And that’s why we’d be the perfect provider for your next event app.

App Talk Host


Pete Hair - CrowdComms, Co-Founder

In 2011, Pete co-founded CrowdComms from his garage in Sydney. With over two decades experience in event tech in the UK and Australia, Pete’s been involved with thousands of events, large and small. He gets a buzz improving events using the latest technology, and exciting customers with innovative solutions and great technical support.