The Data Behind Event Badges 

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Something as simple as a paper event badge can hold a treasure trove of information for an event organiser.

Event Data

By leveraging the data collected through badge scans at events, organisers can gain valuable insights that inform future planning and enhance in-person attendee experiences.  

In part of our Event Advice series of content, we go back to basics on event badge data and how a simple scan can revolutionise the way we plan and deliver events. 

Number of Attendees: Gauging Overall Attendance and Popularity 

One of the fundamental metrics derived from badge scans is the overall number of attendees.  

This data not only helps in understanding the scale of the event but also provides insights into the popularity of specific sessions and exhibitors.  

For example, if a particular keynote session attracts a significantly larger audience, it indicates strong interest in that topic. Event organisers can use this information to tailor future events, ensuring they feature content that resonates with their audience or look at it as a potential sponsorship opportunity for post event online content – knowing it may still be popular for those that couldn’t attend in-person. 

Additionally, segmenting attendance data by different demographics, such as industry or job role, can help identify which segments are most engaged. This insight allows for more targeted marketing and programming in future events by understanding which segments to focus on and what content is most relevant for them. 

Targeted Sponsorship Opportunities  

Using session attendance data, organisers can also identify potential sponsorship opportunities.  

Event organisers can pinpoint the most popular topics and speakers by tracking which sessions attendees participate in through badge scans. This information is not only crucial for crafting future event agendas, but also for reviewing potential commercial partnerships or event sponsorships particularly if a session or topic draws large crowds. 

This not only provides additional revenue for the organiser but also helps connect attendees with relevant sponsors and solutions. 

Add CIPD Points to your Event 

Event planners could incorporate CIPD (Continuing Professional Development) for relevant training sessions or seminars that can add value for attendees seeking professional development opportunities. This not only enhances the event’s appeal but also encourages higher attendance at educational sessions and it’s fairly simple to set up.  

Each session can be allocated a specific number of CIPD points, and badge scans can track which sessions attendees participate in and how many points they’ve accumulated.  

This data can then be used to create personalised post-event reports that specify the number of CIPD points earned by each attendee, making it easier for them to claim credit with their employer or professional organisation. 

Event Data, event badges

Peak Check-in Times: Optimising Resource Allocation 

Analysing peak check-in times through badge scans can significantly improve resource planning for future events.  

Understanding when most attendees arrive (and through which entrance for example) allows event planners to optimise staffing levels and kiosk allocation, ensuring a smooth check-in process and reducing wait times.  

For instance, if data reveals a surge in check-ins between 9-10 AM, additional staff and equipment can be allocated during this period to streamline entry. This insight also extends to other aspects of event logistics, such as catering and transportation. Knowing peak times helps in better managing these resources, ultimately enhancing the overall attendee experience. 

Networking Opportunities: Mapping Connections 

One of the key benefits of attending events for many people is networking.  

By analysing which attendees scanned each other’s badges, either by individual or by type, event marketing and sales teams can gain valuable insights into potential networking opportunities made at the event. This data can reveal patterns, such as which industries are most likely to interact or which job roles frequently connect but also more importantly, you can monitor how your sponsors or exhibitors performed, delivering a customised report for them. 

These insights can be used to facilitate more targeted networking opportunities in future events, such as curated meet-and-greet sessions or industry-specific networking lounges. This not only adds value for attendees but also increases the chances of meaningful connections being made. 

ROI for Exhibitors: Proving Engagement and Value 

For exhibitors, the return on investment (ROI) is a critical measure of an event’s success. Badge scan data can provide concrete evidence of engagement by showing exactly which categories of attendees interacted with specific exhibitors or groups of exhibiting companies. This data helps exhibitors understand their reach and the effectiveness of their booth strategies. 

Event Data, data analytics

For example, if a tech company finds that a high number of C-level executives from the finance industry visited their booth, they can tailor their future marketing strategies and product offerings to better suit this audience.  

Providing exhibitors with detailed engagement reports strengthens their confidence in the value of participating in future events, leading to higher retention rates and increased sponsorship opportunities. 

The Importance of Data and Events  

The data behind event badges is a powerful tool that can transform the way events are planned and executed.  

By analysing badge scans, organisers can gain deep insights into attendee behavior, session popularity, peak check-in times, networking opportunities, and exhibitor ROI. Leveraging this data leads to more informed decision-making, resulting in events that are better tailored to the needs and preferences of attendees and exhibitors alike. 

As we move forward in an increasingly data-centric world, the ability to harness and analyse event badge data will become a cornerstone of successful event planning. By doing so, we can create more engaging, efficient, and impactful events that leave a lasting impression on all participants. 

What insights from event badge data have you found most valuable? 

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