Outsmarting The Competition: How Event Planners Are Leading the Tech Revolution

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In the rapidly evolving world of event planning, we’re witnessing a curious phenomenon, a surprising new trend - our customers are becoming tech wizards. A fascinating trend, especially evident post-Event Tech Live. It’s like they’ve got a secret stash of tech know-how, possibly hidden with their tea and biscuits.

This trend challenges the status quo, pushing event technology providers to rethink their strategies, to constantly innovate and create new ways to deliver audience engagement. The role of an event planner is no longer just about organising an event; it’s about creating an experience, that leverages the best of current technology.

The insights gleaned at Event Tech Live highlights a significant shift: our customers are more technologically adept than we might have initially thought. This development is a call to action for the event tech industry, urging us providers to innovate and tailor our offerings to meet the sophisticated demands of our tech-empowered customers.

The Underestimated Tech Expertise of Our Clients

Traditionally, event planners were perceived primarily as users of event tech, relying on providers to guide them through the digital landscape. However, this dynamic is rapidly changing. It appears that within the realms of their roles as event attendees and planners, many of our customers have quietly cultivated a robust understanding of the latest tech advancements. This shift underscores the growing trend where event planners are not just passive recipients of event technology but active contributors to its revolution.

One key factor in this underestimation is possibly the lack of thorough engagement with customer feedback? As providers, deepening our conversations with our customers can reveal a wealth of understanding and ideas. Their first-hand experience in using our technologies offers invaluable insights that can drive innovation and help tailor our solutions more precisely to their needs.

Event tech providers now have the opportunity to partner more closely with customers, co-creating solutions that are not just functional but also inspiring. By acknowledging and harnessing our customers technical know-how, we can create more dynamic, interactive, and impactful event experiences.

CrowdComms Evolving with the Tech Tide

At CrowdComms we must evolve with new trends and the latest technology to ensure our customers stay ahead of the game, and more importantly that we stay ahead of our customers.

It’s about being curious, exploratory, and have a willingness to step out of our comfort zone – think intrepid British explorer with a knack for the digital landscapes. Our goal is to embrace technological changes and innovations crucial for delivering events that are not only current but also predictive of future trends. This approach involves a continuous cycle of learning, experimenting, and implementing. Navigating this new tech terrain is about bringing together the best of technology and creativity to craft events that are memorable and ahead of the curve.

We also place immense value on the importance of listening to and working closely with our customers.  For us, customer engagement goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about building lasting relationships through active listening and collaboration. By understanding their needs and responding with effective, customised solutions, we help empower event planners to realise their vision for their events. This empowerment is not just about providing cutting-edge tech tools; it’s about offering support, guidance, and partnership every step of the way.


Event Tech Live: A Convergence of Innovation

The ETL event provided an exciting and vital resource in this evolving world of event planning and management. The event brought together the brightest minds and latest event technology solutions, showcasing the plethora of advancements and thought-provoking discussions.

Key takeaways from the event included the growing importance of hybrid event formats, which blend in-person and virtual experiences to create a more inclusive, engaging, and far-reaching event. Another highlight was the emphasis on sustainable event solutions, reflecting the strong industry shift towards eco-friendly practices.

Cue CrowdComms; we were delighted to unveil our latest innovation: a smaller, eco-friendly registration kiosk. This compact kiosk represents a significant stride in our commitment towards sustainability and sustainable event technology. Event planners can now say goodbye to the additional carbon footprint and cost associated with flying bulky equipment! Our new kiosk’s travel-friendly design allows it to be easily tucked into your luggage, merging convenience with eco-consciousness.

It’s sleek and compact design also simplifies transportation and setup at customer events, whether they’re held regionally or internationally, in turn enhancing portability and reducing the logistical impact commonly associated with larger installations. At CrowdComms we are continuously striving towards innovation, sustainability, and a responsible approach to technology.

Event Technology

Embracing the Challenge: A Step Ahead in the Tech Game

As we draw this exploration to a close, it’s clear that the world of event planning is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The surge in tech-savvy customers, as highlighted at the Event Tech Live event, is not just a trend but a paradigm shift. Event planners are emerging as trailblazer in the tech revolution, challenging us as providers to match their pace and creativity.

At CrowdComms we embrace this challenge and the need to be a step ahead. Our strategy is to constantly explore new frontiers in technology, seeking to integrate the latest global innovations into our solutions. We understand that to stay relevant and effective in this field, we need to anticipate changes and adapt quickly.

The journey with event technology is as thrilling as it is challenging. At CrowdComms, we are dedicated to riding this wave of change, armed with expertise, creativity, and a relentless spirit of innovation, and not forgetting the importance of engaging more deeply with our customers. The future of event planning is here, and it’s more dynamic, inclusive, and exciting than ever.

Eager to discover the exciting innovations CrowdComms can bring to your events? Reach out to us now to start crafting exceptional experiences. Connect with our team today https://www.crowdcomms.com/about/why-crowdcomms/ and begin your journey towards transforming your events.


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