CrowdComms Becomes the First Event Tech Platform and Software Provider to Join isla

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We are thrilled to announce that CrowdComms has confirmed its membership to isla, the industry body supporting the event sector’s transition to a more sustainable future. We are the first event technology company to join as a member of this organisation and are proud to stand amongst many other prominent brands who are all committing to more sustainable practices.

About isla

isla’s core message of ‘collaboration over competition’ highlights the need for companies involved in the events sector to come together and re-think the way events take place and how we can embrace and embed sustainable practices into an industry that is notoriously more geared towards single-use consumables and high levels of travel.   

Their aims of facilitating knowledge sharing, educating companies to translate intentions into actions and reporting on industry-wide activity for the purpose of target setting are the building blocks of a movement developed to drive change. Not only that, but an effective support framework has been put in place to keep members on track to meet their sustainability targets.  

Three core areas comprise isla’s focus: zero waste, 100% renewable, and carbon emission reductions. With their members ranging from brands, agencies and suppliers through to venues, exhibition organisers and in-house teams, they have the full complement of sectors on board to make meaningful shifts towards sustainability in the events industry.

CrowdComms becomes the first event technology provider to join isla

The Importance of Working with isla

Despite being a leading event technology supplier, regularly supporting events in some of the world’s busiest cities, our headquarters and our heart are firmly in the English countryside. As a staff, we champion sustainable practices in our personal lives and want to see this translate to our work life, whether in terms of transport, the waste we produce or the energy and resources we consume. The events industry is, by its nature, fast-paced and hungry in terms of consumables, and as we have been supporting in-person events for over ten years, we’ve experienced this first-hand, many times.   

Earlier this year, Alexander Lewis-Jones, the Director at Other Way transport and climate change consultancy, wrote this article on our website, which highlighted the vital importance of making immediate changes to safeguard our future. The points he raised and his suggestions regarding lifestyle adaptations designed around sustainable living made a significant impact on us and inspired us to start our journey towards climate positivity.   

Felix Stroud Allen one of the CrowdComms founders

"The CrowdComms team are incredibly proud to join isla. We believe it allows us to make our commitment to sustainability explicit, make positive changes in how we do business and ultimately, get behind a crucial issue the whole business believes in passionately."

Passing on the Benefits to our Clients

All of isla’s members receive comprehensive training which, once completed, enables them to talk with confidence about sustainability and supports the creation of a tailored sustainability action plan. Once this is in place, and to keep on the right track towards transformation, there are regular opportunities to review progress and evaluate next steps.  

CrowdComms’ clients can feel reassured that they are working with a partner who is developing their practices towards sustainability and looking to achieve net-zero. With an outlook positioned towards sustainable events, we are also able to share our knowledge around event delivery options and the solutions that promote a lighter carbon footprint.  

Action You Can Take Now

To maintain the positive momentum towards sustainability, we all need to make sure that we’re confident when talking about the subject. We want our actions to be informed, measurable and above all, meaningful.   

A great place to start is the isla website, where you can read more about their approach, their members and access their supporting resources.   

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