6 Strategies for Event Planners to Boost Registration

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Planning an event can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking, especially when driving up registration numbers.

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When planning your next corporate event, you want to ensure a spectacular gathering and that the right quantity and quality of your audience attend.  

Here are six strategies to boost registrations and make your event a success. 

We have been working in events for decades and to help you achieve a growth in your events registration, we’re sharing five strategies guaranteed to boost your event registration numbers.

  1. Utilise a member-get-member approach

Encourage your existing network to become brand ambassadors by instituting a member-get-member program.  

Don’t know what a member-get-member program is? It’s pretty simple – offer incentives for past attendees to bring in new registrants – this not only multiplies your audience but also builds a community of engaged participants.  

Whether it’s a discount on future events or exclusive access to certain parts of your event (or post event content for example), make the offer too good to pass up and boost your registration and attendance numbers in no time. 

  1. Personalise your invitations and communications

Blind mass emails are a thing of the past.  

Dive into personalised content to make your potential registrants feel like they’re receiving an exclusive invite.  

Use data-driven insights to customise your communications, not just addressing them by name, but by sharing links, stories or topics of interest based on their past interactions with you – which will lead to an increase in registrations because it cuts through the noise of generic marketing. 

  1. Foster community conversations

Build and engage in digital communities on platforms like LinkedIn, or specialised forums.  

The key to successful community conversations is providing value beyond just event promotion. If people see it as a ticket channel, they’ll digitally walk on by.  

Position yourself as a thought leader by sharing industry insights and asking engaging questions. A vibrant community is more likely to get excited about your event and spread the word help boost your event registrations and attendance. 

  1. Host regular webinars or virtual events

Digital events, such as webinars, offer a teaser of what’s to come and help build a buzz around your main event.  

Regular virtual events are easy to do through our platform https://www.crowdcomms.com/event-technology/virtual-hybrid-event-platform/, keep your audience engaged throughout the year and can funnel participants towards the main event.  

The content you share however, needs to be valuable and quality focused. It needs to show the kind of quality your potential attendees can expect, which in turn, can boost registrations when you announce your larger event. 

  1. Repurpose content to highlight event value

Content is king, and repurposing it can reinforce the message about your event’s value and encourage visitors on the fence, to pre-register and attend your event.  

You can use snippets from previous events in your promotional efforts to showcase testimonials, standout moments, and the overall experience. This strategy offers proof of the event’s success and gives potential attendees a reason to experience it in person. 

However, to give your content a serious boost, record your speakers and share their stories 

In so doing, you are able to reach audiences that perhaps haven’t engaged with your event before. You are becoming the curator of content, sharing your expert speakers to an even larger audience and in turn, encouraging people in your industry to pre-register by seeing the value of content they could watch live at your event.  

  1. Create an effective ticket pricing strategy 

If you charge for your events, you could take a tip out of our 2024 blog, Marketing Strategies for Events Success blog and offer early bird discounts and group packages.  

In addition, consider adding different pricing tiers with varying levels of access and benefits. This can help attract a wider audience, including those who may not typically attend events due to financial constraints.  

By creating an effective ticket pricing strategy, you can increase the perceived value of your event and ultimately drive up registrations. 

Maximising Event Registration Success  

By implementing these event marketing strategies, you can increase the quality of registration numbers for your events and create a buzz around your brand.  

Continue to focus on providing value and creating an irresistible event narrative that resonates with your target audience and leaves them rushing to register for your next event.  


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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.