How To Lockdown Proof Your Event

No matter where you are in the world, the risk of a snap lockdown remains ever present.

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No matter where you are in the world, the risk of a snap lockdown remains ever present.

Even with relatively low COVID-19 infection rates and high vaccination uptakes, places like Australia are still vulnerable to restrictions being put into place at short notice.

Given the on-going uncertainty, we’re constantly talking to our clients about how they can lockdown proof their event.

How To Plan?

In short, keep planning for your live event but have a contingency plan should a lockdown be called.

Ensure that all participants (attendees, speakers and sponsors) are aware that if the live event cannot take place, the event will still go-ahead but in a different format.

What’s The Contingency Plan?

A fully virtual event. Switching to virtual means the event can still go ahead and doesn’t need to be cancelled or postponed.

The event content is live-streamed to attendees who view the event via their desktop or mobile device.

Speakers broadcast from their desktop or device. Sponsor visibility is maintained through a mix of platform pop-ups, banners and online branding, e.g. sponsored back-drop during speaker Q&A.

Thanks to CrowdComms interactive virtual event platform, a 100% virtual event can be as effective and engaging as it a live event.

What’s The Best Pivot Point?

We recommend our clients utilise our Hybrid event platform for their in-person events.

A hybrid event contains an element of live-streaming. The physical event takes place as normal, with speaker presentations, keynote address, live polling and session Q&A all streamed to remote attendees.  Even elements such as networking and lead capture can take place in the virtual element of the event.

Not only does hybrid broaden the event reach (tickets can be sold to onsite and online attendees), it also means the live-stream set-up is already in place should lockdown happen.

What If My Event Is 100% In-Person? 

We can still switch to 100% fully virtual. The pivot plan will be drawn up and sit within the live event plan.   The pivot plan will outline exactly what needs to happen should a lockdown be called.

For example, onsite speakers will need to switch to a virtual presentation. CrowdComms will provide the support to ensure speakers know what equipment they need to complete a virtual broadcast (essentially a desktop or mobile device with microphone and video capabilities).

How Long Does it Take to Switch?

On average, we can switch to 100% fully virtual within days. Faster, if the event is hybrid.

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