3 Tips for a User-Friendly Event App

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The aim of an event app is to encourage audience engagement in order to enhance the event experience you provide. This means that your event app must be user-friendly, it must be designed in a way that attracts your attendees. The following are a few tips to help you improve your event app design and boost ROI as a result.

First Impressions: Home Screen

Think about what aspects of your event app content your attendees will care about most, make this the most accessible. Use this information to help design your event app home screen, features such as agenda need the most visibility and should be displayed at the top.

Also, be selective with the features you include in your app. CrowdComms offer dozens of different capabilities, but that doesn’t mean you need all of them at once. Think about the type of evet you are planning and what is most important to your event app- focus on building those features out well.

Design visually pleasing widgets which clearly show attendees where they can access important information. Use simple icons and keep your branding in mind.

User-Friendly Scheduling

Arguably, your event schedule should be the most important feature of your event app. It should be designed in a user-friendly manner because you can guarantee that every single one of your attendees will have a use for an agenda.

An event app is uniquely helpful when, for example, there is a large four-day conference with many concurrent sessions for attendees to choose from. Navigating your master schedule could be overwhelming so make sure you plan ahead and create intuitive tracks. Attendees will be able to filter the schedule down and plan how they will spend their time.

Medical and association conference apps always benefit from using scheduling tracks as they often have a large amount of sessions.

t’s All About the Brand

Branding at your event is so important and you will have worked hard to ensure that your event is on brand- your event app should match.

Include a properly branded theme, right sized photography, effective banner ad design, and consistency throughout your event app.

Design an on-brand app icon, this will appear on your attendees’ phone home screen and will be their first impression of your event app.

Make sure your main sponsors are given the right platform on your event app, use banner ads to measure ROI.

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