3 ways to Promote Sponsors Using Event Apps

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Event sponsors are a crucial aspect of every event, they provide a large amount of the financial means needed for the event to take place. So, you should give back to your sponsors and give them as much, effective brand exposure as possible. Event apps provide the perfect opportunity for this.

Event Apps

Event apps have become a staple in the world of events. Attendees now look to an event app to help maintain their schedules and get the most out of the event. Understanding the uses of event apps at events presents a perfect promotional opportunity for sponsors. The opening page of your event app is a promotional gold mine. For a few moments, those opening the event app are essentially a captive audience, so place your sponsors branding here to guarantee maximum exposure.

Similarly, the event Wi-Fi can be an excellent opportunity to present a sponsor’s message. For example, the password shown on the event app could be sponsored by a particular business.[


Gamification is the perfect way to boost engagement with your event app and can also be a fun, and subtler, way of increasing sponsors’ exposure. You could put on a scavenger hunt where participants find codes based off of clues given on the event app, incorporate your sponsors into this by using branded stickers with codes on the back. Use this method to direct attendees to sponsor stands too.

As well as this the final prize of the challenge could easily be provided by a sponsor.

Charging Stations

If you decide to use an event app at your event then keeping your attendees’ phones charged is crucial. Charging stations are an important addition to any app-based event. This presents the perfect opportunity to display you sponsors’ branding or you could ask one sponsor to solely fund the charging station, giving them maximum brand exposure.

You could also consider offering portable power banks to your attendees, this could also be branded with a sponsoring company’s information.

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