What Next?: Post-Event Content Strategy

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So, your event has come to an end and, of course, it was a great success! Time for you to put your feet up- but not quite yet. How you manage your content post-event determines the success of your future events, and an event app could be your perfect assistant. Using event apps for meetings allow you to collate data more effectively, so nowadays there’s really no excuse not to utilise your content to the max. Both post and pre-event strategy have become part of the pulse of events, thanks to a shift in attitude towards technology-based events.

How should I Use Content?

In order to develop your content strategy, you must ask yourself a fundamental question- how can we get the most out of the content we produce?

A strategy will help give you direction to your content and boost future interest in your event.

Why Use a Strategy for Content?

Defining the “why” of your content strategy is important too, why is your content important? Asking this is vital to move forward and improve on your events in the future.

Fomo is an event planner’s best friend- releasing strategized content will attract the right type of audience for the future, they won’t want to miss your next event!

The progress of technology and event apps in recent years mean there’s been a big development in the way we utilise event content, events will never end on the last day again.

What Should I Publish?

Live streaming at your event is a brilliant option for recording content and is one of the biggest event technology trends of 2017. A livestream allows you to capture your event highlights and boost FOMO.

Perhaps you could charge for your post-event content? Consider the ways you could make your content exclusive, perhaps it could be free for a certain amount of time? Or encourage ‘members’ to register online to access content?

You could still charge attendees who would never have attended your event in person for live online content.

The key to publishing content effectively is to upload instantly, whilst it’s still being talked about, in order to achieve maximum exposure and coverage.


So, when it comes to managing content post-event it is important to remember…

  • Release high quality, concise digital content to ensure it is of value to your audience.

  • Hypothesise to develop a content strategy. Listen to your audience and react to success and failure.

  • Start by asking the how’s, what’s and why’s of how you will direct your content.

  • Share your material, boost fomo.

Create an interest in your content and it will become valuable to your audience.

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