5 Ways to Make Your Medical Conference App a Success

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Medical meeting apps can sometimes require special features that aren’t found on most event apps. Boost engagement, encourage networking and make swift updates- an event app is hugely beneficial for most events, especially medical conferences.

1. Complex Schedules

Schedules for medical meetings can be complex. Often multiple tracks are necessary depending on discipline, subject matter, and function. Speaker bios, map locations, and individual session feedback forms will all need to be added too. An event app may be the only tool to handle importing mass amounts of data like this. First, choose an event app that allows attendees to filter sessions based on tracks. Second, make sure participants can choose and curate their own schedules into a personal view, or that the organizer can assign schedules to attendees.

Regardless of the even app provider you choose, make sure that they can accommodate all the data you need to build your complex event schedule.

2. Instant updates

If you’re using a paper-based schedule at your event then one of the worst things you can hear is, “there’s a mistake in the agenda.” If you have the time and budget you face re-printing to fix an expensive mistake. If it’s too late for this then, without an event app, there is no graceful way to recover!

With the right medical meeting app, however, all it takes is few minutes to update your content and notify your attendees. Phew- it’s almost as if it never happened!

3. Audience Engagement

Medical meeting apps become quite interesting when you consider the interactive features that an event app can bring. Q&A, live polling, and gamification are all features that can transform the traditional one-way session into an engaging conversation between the speaker and the audience.

If you’re going to adopt audience engagement features within your event app, make sure to brief your presenters well in advance so that they’re able to take advantage of them while they’re preparing their talks.


Networking at conferences has always been a bit of an intangible- we know it’s important for attendees but how exactly can we encourage it? Leaving attendees to make connections on their own can work, but an event app will really boost the chances of those relationships lasting.

Your medical meeting app can actually go a long way towards fostering those connections throughout the conference. A social wall, in-app chat features, and networking games are all brilliant ways of supporting face-to-face encounters.


Nothing will go farther to determining ROI for your event (and event app) than polling the satisfaction of your attendees. In-app surveys are the most convenient way for participants to rate their experiences. Many conferences go so far as to include surveys for individual sessions, this way they can see which sessions where the most effective.

Taking advantage of your event app push notification reminders will ensure you get enough responses.

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