Benefits of Live Polling to Government Agencies

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We’ve recently seen an upswing in demand for the use of our live polling and Q&A system by government and associated agencies during their events. Naturally, government bodies need a robust and industry leading polling system.

Information security is paramount, as is the ability to engage a wide cross section of the electorate. The system must be user-friendly, both for the tech savvy and tech novice alike.

Stakeholder Consultation

The planning department and State government recently used the system to consult with stakeholders on a variety of proposed initiatives.

Using our live polling platform (Pollevent), the event organisers were able to enhance the meeting and gauge audience opinion. Our real-time technology meant organisers had immediate access to audience feedback.

Audience Participation

Using mobile technology for Q&A sessions also allowed audiences to participate freely. Many people find speaking into a microphone intimidating, much like they do with public speaking generally.

Our experience show that presenters will get on average twice as many questions from the floor if they are using live polling rather than just relying on the microphone.

The ability to submit questions via attendees’ mobile device alleviates any pressure and encourages uninhibited thoughts, questions and comments. PollEvent also allows for anonymous submission, which gives even greater peace of mind to nervous audience members.


From a political point of view, the transparency of live polling and Q&A systems is especially important for government and associated bodies.

Live polling not only collates key information, but distills down thoughts and polls that arise from important meetings. This means decisions can be made on the key information, and not get bogged down in irrelevant detail.

Good governance requires a consistent and open dialogue with the electorate. Utilising live polling and real-time Q&A means government agencies (or anyone who wants to engage their stakeholders) can quickly and effectively listen to the people who matter most.

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