Snapchat Geofilters: A No-Brainer for Your Next Event

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In the past Snapchat was regarded merely as a fun and simple photo sharing app, and only recently as an essential social media platform for events. In fact, the platform could be the perfect match for your event app. For a long time, Snapchat has used geofilters.  A geofilter can be applied to your photo that’s linked to a specific area.  Previously, geofilters were only available in certain cities or at huge events such as Glastonbury Festival. However, in February 2016 Snapchat announced that custom geofilters could now be bought by anyone for smaller areas and events. Filters can be purchased for areas ranging from 20,000 sq. foot to 5 million for a maximum of 30 days.

How Can Snapchat be Used at Your Event?

When you think of social media for events, Snapchat may not be your first thought. But with 150 million daily users this platform can’t be ignored, and it was created with events in mind!

It is the perfect place to boost FOMO.  Snapchatters who document their day minute by minute, or even just the occasional selfie, will give your event so much more exposure. In an early blog post Snapchat themselves said that, “if you can’t make it to an event… you [can] feel like you’re right there!”

Geofilters are highly engaging and shareable, they can be utilized for any event, from conferences to weddings, and will work seamlessly with your event app.

CrowdComms can add a direct link from the social media page of your event app to Snapchat. So your attendees can go from the app and share a selfie on Snapchat with your filter, both of which will match your brand or theme perfectly.

They still haven’t hit mainstream event marketing. They’re fresh and interesting so it’s important to jump on the bandwagon before everyone else does!

And They’re tried and Tested By Yours Truly!

To see what all the fuss is about we decided to purchase a custom CrowdComms geofilter for our UK office. It was so cheap and easy! We paid £5 for an area of 70,000 sq. feet for 24 hours and used the CrowdComms logo.  Our filter was very simple but we have seen some beautifully designed Geofilters online, any event or event app branding can be catered for.

Our filter was approved and it went live three hours after we paid.  You can also track who is using your filter online and how many people are seeing it.  As a result, pictures that are shared on a consumer’s story will reach more people.

After hearing about these filters and trying them our for ourselves, we believe they are an absolute no brainer for any event, especially if you’re using an event app. Reaching so many people and creating FOMO around your event for such a low cost, why wouldn’t you? Plus, it’s just such a fun way to market your event!

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