What Does A Great Event Registration System Look Like?

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First impressions count. When attendees arrive at your event, the first interaction they will have is at the registration point. The registration process will set expectations for the event itself. It needs to process attendees’ sign-in quickly, efficiently but with flair and an alignment to the event brand.

So what should you look for in a registration system:

Early Sign-In

Reduce attendee queuing time by providing online sign-up and payment ahead of the event. Online integrated ticketing and registration means guests can create their event profile and buy their ticket at their convenience.

It also allows attendees to start receiving key event information before doors open.

Pro Tip: Offer special promos codes and discounts to encourage early registration.


Your event should have recognisable and consistent branding at every attendee interaction point. Your registration system should therefore be customisable and flexible.

In addition to registration site branding it’s important that communications also mirror the event branding. If your registration site will send email or SMS confirmations make sure these can also be customised.

On-Site Check-In

Although pre-event registration can alleviate some of the processing time at the start of your event, attendees will still need to check-in when they arrive.

Integration between your registration system and additional check-in systems will get people into your event faster. Printing badges or lanyards? Look for a registration system that links to an on-site printing kiosk. Even better if the attendee can check-in and print all from the same web-site or app.

Digitally enabled registration lists means your staff can easily process pre-paid/registered arrivals.

Seamless Integration

The optimal registration system is one that not only integrates at check-in time, but across the event’s lifecycle.

Seamless integration with your event app allows attendees to access and update their profiles at any time. They can start networking and personalising their agenda immediately.

A seamless flow of information means no more laborious transfer of data from registration spreadsheets to the event app.   Plus, the single data source allows a more accurate and reliable analysis of attendee interactions and engagement.


An event registration platform needs to be so much more than a sign-in system. Although your registration needs will vary depending on complexity and size of event, your registration system should still deliver a professional and efficient experience for your attendees.

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