Demonstrating Thought Leadership With An Event App

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A motivation for many organisations when sponsoring an event is the opportunity to establish thought leadership. Building the profile of a key member of staff as a subject expert amongst customers and prospects is an effective way to secure trust and credibility.

An event app can help sponsors achieve their thought leadership goals. A number of the app’s features are perfect for delivering expert material or promoting expertise.

Live Polling

To establish thought leadership your sponsor may speak at the event or participate on a panel. Live audience polling is a one of the most popular tools within the app.   It’s something your sponsor can use to enhance audience participation and engagement during their session.

By encouraging broad range participation the speaker can demonstrate expertise by addressing a variety of topics.

For some guidance on writing compelling polling questions point your speakers to this post.

Silent Microphone

The live Q&A feature within the app will also greatly enhance any session.

Attendees simply send comments and questions through the app to the speaker and vote up the questions they think are most relevant. Think of it as a silent microphone.

Attendees love it as it focuses the discussion on what matters most to them. Speakers get to answer targeted questions and show thought leadership where it matters.

Discussion Boards

The app also features discussion boards. Channels can be allocated to a sponsor who can post thought provoking questions. Good questions will generate lots of discussion between the sponsor and attendees.

Topical and controversial subjects of course work best. For a more structured way of collecting data about the sponsor’s area of interest or session topic, use the in-app survey tool.

The benefit of all of these tools is they get the conversations going well before the event begins. The app can also help promote the sponsor’s sessions, discussion topics or surveys via a couple of timely push notifications.

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