What Questions Should I Ask In My Event App RFP?

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Your event needs an event app. But you have to appoint a provider and you’re not sure what questions to ask in your event app RFP. What things do you really need to know to make sure you choose the right supplier (and event app) for your event? The following questions are not an exhaustive list, but some of the key things you should ask in your event app RFP.

What Are My Build/Support Options?

The right event app provider should offer flexibility when it comes to build options. If you’re familiar with the technology and have experience working with CMS you may be comfortable with a self-build app.

Need extra support and peace of mind? Your potential provider will be happy to complete the build for you and run easy to understand training to help you manage the event app on-site.

You may also feel that you need someone at the event to help manage the event app. From registration to AV coordination, the right provider will be able to provide a technical expert who can help manage the event app process from event start to event close.

Whatever support option you choose make sure the commitment forms part of the service agreement.

Is the event app web-based or native?

The ability to support web and native apps gives you different options. Native means you can access the app via app stores (iOS, Android etc). Web-based event apps are accessed via a specific URL.

Choosing a provider that offers both will enable to you decide which option is best for your event and attendees.

What data analytics are available and in what format?

Access to comprehensive data is crucial to understand your event’s success factors.

Does your provider’s event app support event analytics? This can take the form of at-event feedback on individual speaker sessions to post event data on page views and event app useage.

Find out if the data can be exported into custom reports and if there is flexibility in presentation formats e.g. pie charts

How Does The Content Get Into The App?

Whether you opt for self-build or an outsourced build, access to a simple and efficient CMS is critical. If you’re self-building the app, content upload should be fast and easy.

The ability to make quick changes when the need arises means attendees and guests will have constant access to the right information. A quality CMS will allow you up update the agenda or change the speaker details simply and without fuss.

Who Are Your Clients?

Your potential event app provider’s client base is a great indicator of whether they will be right for you. Established brand names with market and industry credibility is an obvious plus point. Also look at the type of events the app provider has worked on. Do they have experience in the type of event that’s relevant to you? Do they have proven flexibility working with a cross-section of events?

An event app provider should be very confident in providing you with client contacts who will be happy to provide a written or verbal testimony. Don’t be afraid to include this request in your event app RFP.

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