Event App Essentials: A Newbies’ Guide

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Event apps are now an essential part of many event planners’ toolkit. Over 50% of planners rely on their event app to help organise and enhance the event experience for their attendees.

If you’re new to event apps the technology might be confusing. What does an event app do that paper can’t? What benefits will it bring? Do I need to be a tech guru to use one?

For anyone who is interested in using an app, we’ve put together a quick event app essentials guide to help you get started:

  1. Ok, what’s an event app?

Event apps are a simple and effective communication and organisational tool. Like any other app, they are downloaded onto a mobile device.

The event app provides attendees with all the event information they need. From agenda details to interactive site maps, from event registration to private networking.

  1. But my printed material does all that!

Yes it does, but printed material is both costly and inflexible. It’s also not very planet friendly! Last minute scheduling changes are nearly impossible to accommodate in paper based brochures. There’s also the issue of burdening attendees with reams of paper to carry. An event app gives attendees all the event information in the palm of their hand.

Last minute changes are a breeze thanks to real-time content updates and push notifications.

Plus, the event app can deliver huge cost savings. A recent CrowdComms’ client saved over $70k by making the switch from paper to event app.

2. I’m not very tech savvy, is that a problem?

Not at all. Attendees will find the event app simple and intuitive to use.

For event planners, the event app is also straightforward to build. All you need is basic tech knowledge. If you can find your way around an Excel sheet and web form, the app will be easy to manage.

If you would like some support from the start or just don’t feel that self-build is the right option for you, we can build the event app for you.

Once built, the event app has a great CMS that gives planners an easy way to add information on-site before, during and after an event.

3. What about sponsors? Does the event app give good ROI?

The event app is the perfect place for sponsors to showcase their brand. All budgets and sponsorship objectives can be accommodated. From single sponsor branding to multiple sponsor strategy, the event app makes sure sponsors’ messages reach the target audience.

Comprehensive analytics also means that sponsors can see exactly how many views and link clicks they received.

4. Anything else I should know?

The event app supports a multitude of event related activity. The gamification feature can engage attendees by getting them involved in fun and exciting challenges.

The mobile event app can also connect to Live Display screens. These screens are positioned around the event venue and broadcast key information. Whether it’s what’s-up-next or the latest social media feeds, the Live Display keeps key information front and centre.

There is also Live Polling and Q&A. These are great additions to speaker sessions. Speakers can gauge audience opinion to particular topics or field questions from the floor without the need of a roving mic.

Whatever your event requirements, an event app will make a positive difference to the event experience for both attendees and planners.

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